27 Feb


13 Tid Bits About Brooke | Personal {Utah Wedding Photographer}

THIRTEEN TID BITS ABOUT BROOKE (This is going to be fun and full of RANDOM stuff!)


{PC: Natalie Franke}

1.  It may be apparent if you have EVER emailed me or had a conversation via text or chat, but I KNOW for a fact I use way too many !!! ALL the time. But really I can’t help it! It’s not that I am yelling or shouting or even pissed, I am genuinely a happy and naturally excited person so !!! are a MUST!

2.  I have TWO personalities. For reals. There is the girly side of me who loves to dress up, wear make up and deck myself in bling. Then there is the tomboy side who loves sports, curses (sorry mom!), loves to sweat and is THE most competitive person at ANYTHING! I love to win (and talk crap while doing so…oops!!)

3.  I HATE, HATE, HATE anything scary! HATE! I don’t like scary movies, and I will even change the channel or turn off the TV all together if a scary commercial comes on the TV. Flat out don’t like it or anything to do with it!

4. My FAVORITE FOOD is chips and guacamole. That’s right it’s a food with it’s own food group in my eyes.

{PC: Natalie Franke}

5.  This one isn’t really a secret, but Target is my jam. Plain and simple.

6.  I am a total night owl. I stay up late most nights well past everyone, mostly working but sometimes I catch myself with my hands on my keyboard but glued to Netflix! With that being said, I LOVE sleeping in. My children do not, so that makes things a little tricky! Luckily they take naps and I have been known to fall asleep snuggling one of them on the couch a time or two!

7.  Ok this one makes me laugh every time without fail….back in high school is when I created my first email (for aol chats too!) and I thought I was pretty clever. It was (and still is) btluv2laugh. It stood for BT (Brooke Thulin),  Loves TO LAUGH. Somehow people thought (and often still do!) it meant BUTT LUV…..WHAT!!!??? Don’t even get me started. Pervs.

8.  I basically have THE worst singing voice of all time.  Tone deaf perhaps. But drop a beat and I can dance for days. I even thought I wanted to be a fly girl like on In Living Color.

9.  There are two ways to spell my name. Brook or Brooke. I, of course, spell mine with an E, yet there are only 4 people that EVER call me Brook-E. Mom, sister, brother and one of my all time favorite people, Miss Kamee June! It’s as close to a nick name as I have ever come. Although my husband likes to tease me that my nick name in high school was “Ice Box” like the girl from Little Giants because I played so many sports! Thanks sweetie!


{PC: Natalie Franke}

10.  I say inappropriate things A LOT. I love shock value and I love making people laugh and sometimes that requires the unexpected!

11. Growing up Jim Carey was my guy. I thought he was the funniest person alive. I was known to get in trouble at the dinner table A LOT for doing impressions of him and Dumb and Dumber. Sorry Dad!

12. This little exercise has been harder then I thought it would be. Mostly because like I stated in #10 I want to tell you inappropriate and embarrassing things, but I am biting my virtual tongue!

13. THIRTEEN is my FAVORITE number!! It has been since Coby Jones played soccer for the US Men’s team. Slight crush. NBD. But really it has been my favorite number since as long as I can remember, and is for SURE my lucky number and was ALWAYS my jersey number for sports!

{PC: Natalie Franke}

I hope this was fun for you to get to know me a little bit better! I do enjoy taking pictures but I am more then just a photographer! I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and a competitive-shopohalic-potty mouthed-scaredy cat!