28 Apr


5 Things I Wish My Clients Knew

When it comes to getting your photos taken, it can be a little overwhelming- especially when you’re not sure what to expect! So I wanted to share 5 things I wish my clients knew before their photo session with me! It’s short and sweet, so let’s hop to it! 



5 Things I Wish My Couples Knew

First thing you need to know is: There is no need to have previous experience in front of the camera. Seriously, no models necessary! You want your photos to be a portrayal of who you are as a couple, and if you’re not a model, don’t worry about trying to be! 

The second thing that I wish my clients knew before their session is that movement is KEY! I mean, walking, running, swaying, kissing, bear hugs, chest bumps… you name it! 😉 Movement is also the key to those sweet moments frozen in time. So, MOVE THOSE BODIES!

Everyone feels a little nervous at first, but we will have fun! And that’s why this is the third thing I wish my clients knew before their session- be prepared to play games! Nothing too crazy, but I promise that these games will make you forget that I’m there taking pictures. 

The fourth thing that I wish my clients knew before their session is there is no need to worry about posing yourself. There is no right way, or wrong way, to pose- everything should be authentic to the two of you and how you melt into each other! It’s my job to ensure that we capture those beautiful memories for you! 

And finally, the last thing I wish my clients knew before their session is maybe the easiest one: when in doubt, just keep smiling and looking at each other. Remember that your engagement session is about capturing the love the two of you have, so just give me all the heart eyed faces as you stare into each other’s eyes… too sappy? 😉

I shared these fun tips on social media and was reminded of one more thing I wish my clients knew before their session that I definitely had to share with you.  I may or may not ( definitely will 😂) crack “inappropriate jokes”  to help you feel like we’re the best of friends! I mean, what can I say? It works!


See these 5 things I wish my clients knew in action

Now, before I let you go, I’m sharing some of my favs from Siri and Beau’s engagement session. Their session was a ton of fun with a lot of laughter and movement and maybe one or two inappropriate jokes… Scroll through their gallery and if you have any questions, come chat with me!





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