10 Aug


7 Reasons to Book an Editorial Style Photo Session

If you’re looking for a reason to book an editorial style photo session and buy that dress you have nowhere to wear it to, well- here are SEVEN! 😉 The world of photography is vast, offering a myriad of styles and themes to explore. Among these, the editorial-style photo session stands out as a unique blend of storytelling, art, and fashion. Think of those captivating spreads in fashion magazines – a combination of ambiance, narrative, and bold expressions. But what makes editorial-style sessions so appealing, especially for those outside the runway and magazine world? Let’s dive into some compelling pros:





1. Storytelling at its Best

Editorial photography isn’t just about capturing a face or an outfit; it’s about weaving a narrative through visuals. This style allows individuals to tell their stories, whether personal, fantastical, or thematic. It offers a platform to express a deeper essence, often missed in traditional portraiture.

2. Fashion-Forward Approach:

For those who adore the world of fashion, editorial shoots are a dream come true. It provides an opportunity to play with high-fashion looks, dramatic makeup, and stylish accessories. Plus, it’s a chance to work with fashion stylists or dive deep into your wardrobe, showcasing your sartorial choices in a grand way.

3. Dynamic and Diverse Settings:

Editorial shoots thrive on varied environments – from grand architectural sites to moody studios, lush natural settings, or even stark, abstract backgrounds. This variety ensures each shoot is distinct and can be tailored to resonate with the story you wish to tell.

4. Enhanced Creativity:

Editorial sessions are collaborations involving makeup artists, stylists, models, and photographers. This collective creativity ensures a myriad of ideas, leading to unexpected and breathtaking results. It pushes boundaries and often results in artful, avant-garde imagery.

5. Professional Portfolio Boost:

For budding models, actors, or even professionals from various fields, an editorial-style photo session can elevate a portfolio. The images are not just headshots but showcase versatility, depth, and the ability to fit into diverse narratives – a boon in industries that value adaptability and expression.

6. Emotional Depth and Expressions:

Unlike some photographic styles that require a fixed expression or pose, editorial shoots embrace a spectrum of emotions. From brooding introspection, fierce determination, playful whimsy, to serene calm – this style captures the depth of human emotions, making each shot deeply personal.

7. Timelessness:

Editorial images have a quality of timelessness. They capture a moment, a mood, and a tale that remains captivating even years down the line. It’s not just a photo but a piece of art that can be cherished for its beauty and narrative.


So, use any one of these seven reasons to get that dress and book an editorial-style photo session are more than just a trend; they’re an exploration of self, style, and story. Whether you’re looking to venture into the world of modeling, desire a unique keepsake, or simply wish to experiment with a different photographic style, the editorial realm promises a mesmerizing journey.


I mean, just take a look for yourself at this Wadley Farms Editorial Style Photo Session




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