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9 Valentine Ideas and how to make it more meaningful

We all know that tomorrow is February 14th, of course, but do you know what to do for your special someone? I thought I would share with you a list of 9 Valentine ideas to make this year’s a little more meaningful. Not saying, I don’t LOVE flowers, jewelry and chocolate but sometimes it’s less about the gift and more about the thought that goes in to it.

Sure, it’s a holiday for all you beautiful couples in love, but guess what? I’m here to share ideas on how to make it so much more than just that aisle at the grocery store full of flowers and a variety of heart shaped goodies. You’ll find fun ideas on how you can make this a day to celebrate all those that you love, or if it’s just the two of you, how to make it a more meaningful day for your ONE and ONLY.

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1. Make Valentine’s Day a Family Event

This is one valentine idea that I would love to incorporate in to my day – having a special family feast that night. What better way to celebrate than to switch the focus from fighting to find a baby-sitter and waiting at an overcrowded restaurant, to a quiet night in with all of our favorite people. Even if it is just the two of  you as newly weds or celebrating as a couple, sharing a nice well-planned and prepared meal together has romance written all over it.

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2. Share love notes

During the week of Valentine’s write cards to each other (even the kids can get in on this). Post them on the mirror in the morning, hide them in the car, or cover the door to the bedroom in heart shaped notes – a heart attack if you will. If you decide to stay in and do a nice meal, this would be the perfect time to share them with each other. You can encourage siblings to write some to each other throughout the week and hide them for each other if you have kids that want to join in on the fun.

3. Write a heartfelt card

Do you want to be part of the huddled masses surrounding the Valentine cards on the day of? That’s not my kind of valentine idea. Here’s an alternative to go along with number 2. Write a personal card that includes all the reasons you first fell in love. What if you included some of the biggest reasons you love them now? Put something on paper that means more than anything Hallmark could come up with.

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4. Get away from work and meet up for a day date or lunch

This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. If you usually go out at night then switching things up for a mid day meal together can mean more than flowers anytime. Better yet, bring flowers with you to your day date. Time together to me says more than eating my weight in See’s chocolates.

5. Remember the little things they say

The best way to be prepared for V-day is to, you guessed it,  prepare. This may seem like a simple concept but it is so easy to let the day sneak up on you. You don’t want to be scrambling for something the day before or even the day of. Nothing says you mean the world to me like a gift you picked out at the supermarket 2 hours ago. I’d love to say this doesn’t happen but if you’ve been to the grocery store on Valentine’s Day, you know what I’m talking about. Is there a specific restaurant they’ve been wanting to try that they mentioned to you? Or maybe a small item they’ve wanted but haven’t taken the time to go get for themselves. It is easy to forget the little things that are casually mentioned but if you do remember them, you’ll be showing not only that you care but that you listen.

6. Serve each other

This may sound elementary and cheesy but remember those little hand made coupon books that littered your parents drawers as a kid?  Maybe that was just at my house. Anyway, how about giving the gift of service.  How nice would a night off from the bedtime negotiations that take place every night be? Or even waking up to breakfast?  Service can go a long way and bring plenty of smiles along the way.

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7. Plan an activity together

Again, Valentine’s doesn’t have to mean a fancy dinner out on the town.  Is there something you enjoy going out and doing together?  If so, plan a time to do it!  Even if it isn’t on Valentine’s, or during this week, taking the time to plan an awesome activity gives you both something to look forward to doing together. Now that’s a valentine idea I can get behind.

8. Think of others

I bet you’re wondering why a holiday for couples and love would include an item like this.  One thing I have heard of others doing, is sending out love notes and candy and surprising someone with a Valentine that may be feeling a bit lonely this holiday.

9. Make good use of technology

Sure, everybody loves a good hand written love note on Valentine’s, or really any day for that matter, but with text and email access in the palm of your hand why don’t you go ahead and spam that loved one of yours! With this valentine idea, try to incorporate their favorite things into the day or send some photos from your wedding day, engagement, or any of your firsts together that you’ve captured. I know I’d smile if my husband sent me a picture of anything he knew I loved, even if it was a screenshot of my celebrity crush. No pun inteded, but it sends a message that he knows me and was thinking of me.  It’s a simple way to show you know and care for each other, even down to the littlest quirks.

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I hope you enjoy these Valentine ideas. It’s the simple and small things that mean the most. The details from your time together, memories you’ve made, moments you’ve captured along the way and the magic that made you fall in love in the first place. Take the time to remember them all with a more meaningful approach to Valentine’s. But remember that doesn’t mean that we don’t all LOVE chocolate and flowers, too. Wink, wink.

Happy Valentine’s Day!