09 Oct


Chelsey + Kyle | Married {Palm Springs Wedding Photographer}

Chelsey and Kyle like to joke about how they met. They tell an outrageous yet believable story and they make you think it was crazy and true destiny that they met one another.  The funny thing is, it really was their destiny and all about timing. I am so glad that timing was on their side, because truly I can not imagine one without the other, as they make the most perfect team! I have known Chelsey for quite a while, and I can say without a doubt she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. This girl has the biggest heart and Kyle has one to match. Like I said they are perfect for each other. Kyle was an adoring groom who could not take his eyes off his gorgeous bride. Kyle wanted to stay traditional and not see his bride before walking down the aisle, and while I would have LOVED to do a first look with these two, I was so happy I got to stand close enough to hear him gasp for air as she walked into eye sight for the first time. Leading up until his bride walked down the aisle he was on the verge of happy tears just so excited to see his bride, I thought for sure he would cry….but she took all the breath out of his lungs, all he could do was stand there in awe of her and smile! It was quite adorable! And as you scroll, you will see the excitement this beautiful bride had as well to marry her groom! Chelsey was absolutely glowing, and I have never seen her smile that big! I am not going to lie, I teared up during their vows, and laughed during their “promises” to one another. They truly knew how to make the day about them, their love and starting this new journey together. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion on a few occasions knowing that I was in the presence of true and unconditional love, AND that they chose me to tell their story through imagery. I won the photographic lottery with these two! They gave me such an amazing opportunity to share and celebrate this special day, but also to use my vision in such a KILLER venue, The Parker. I was so grateful that they trusted me every step of the day! They were such a dream to work with and had a stellar line up of vendors who really made that day amazing! Chelsey and Kyle I love you both with my whole heart. I feel so lucky to know you both and to call you friends and I cannot wait to celebrate all of the anniversaries of the best day ever for years to come!! XO


I want to give a HUGE shout out to my second shooter, who just so happened to be my mom, who did an AMAZING job with the groom and groomsmen! While I was celebrating with the girls, she was with these GQ gentleman and I just LOVE the images she captured! Thank you so much Kip Thulin Photography, aka momma Thulin!! Love you to the moon and back…thanks for helping me every step of the way!!