25 May


Graduation Portraits in Provo, Utah

These graduation portraits in an apple orchard in Provo, Utah are extra special. Celebrating milestones with others is a joy, and I absolutely love that I get to do that as their photographer. But there is something even more notable about capturing the images of a milestone in your family. And this graduation season, we get to celebrate my niece Jane graduating as valedictorian and heading off to BYU in the fall. Cue all the emotions! 





Before I share some of my faves from these graduation portraits in a Provo, Utah apple orchard, I want to brag on Jane a little bit. She is graduating with honors and a 4.0 making her valedictorian. She got a scholarship to BYU, the school her mother graduated from and where her two sisters currently attend! Needless to say, she was so excited when she got her acceptance letter. She’s currently thinking of studying illustration or being an art director in the field of advertising.

Her favorite memory was the homecoming football game from her sophomore year. They were playing the biggest rivals, had ten seconds left on the clock and were down three points. “The entire student section was full and everyone was biting their teeth, and then in the last second, we scored a touchdown and won the entire thing! Everyone rushed the field and fireworks went off. It was lit”. 

Jane and her friends would organize fun parties like “cereal soiree” or “waffle wednesday” – for the entire school. So it’s no surprise that when I asked her what she’ll miss the most about high school she told me, “the fun things my friends and I did… I know I can still do them in college, but I will miss my cute friends”. 

Jane told me that she and her friends tried to make the most out of life and have a good time, and I have no doubt that Jane will continue to do that as she embarks on a European trip to Iceland and Amsterdam before heading off to BYU in the fall. 

Jane, we are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished so far. I can’t wait to see all that is in store for you! 


Graduation Portraits in a Provo, Utah Apple Orchard





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