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Great Salt Lake Sunlit Bridals | Kim + Ether | Bonneville Utah Salt Flats

Great Salt Lake

The salt flats and the Great Salt Lake set the stage for this beautiful couple and a bridal session. If the location wasn’t enough to love and swoon over, then their love story will definitely have that effect on you. I can’t wait to share it with you today!  But first, let’s talk about how the sunlight creeping across the salt flats along the Great Salt Lake had me falling in love with Utah for the millionth time. Sigh… The lake isn’t even close to being the great thing about this couple. Read on to find out about how their story has stretched across the globe. It’s as romantic and exciting as it is touching


Bride and groom romantic pose | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerHow They Met

Kim and Ether have a fun story that spans the globe. They met at Church, during the last 5 minutes of Ether’s last day in Shanghai, China! Imagine that! A small-town, American Fork, Utahn boy, finds his wife  halfway across the world. It was such a chance meeting that it cannot be explained by anything other than divine intervention! Ether had felt a “strange compulsion” to go to Shanghai for a business internship opportunity, but didn’t know why (I’ll tell you WHY!!!!). He just felt like he needed to. That feeling Ether had is exactly what brought the two of them together!!

Sunlit salt flats bridals | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Bride and Groom at Salt Flats | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Bride and groom hug at the great salt lake salt flats | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Hugs and kisses | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Bonneville salt flats with bride to be | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Bride and groom hug | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Wedding updo for hair | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Suit and wedding gown | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer Sharing a laugh together | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

July 2013: They meet
August 31 2013: First date
September 21 2013: Officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, after three weeks of a whirlwind courtship!
December 25 2013: The first time they say, “I love you,” which I think is significant because they waited three months before exchanging those sweet words!
April 26 2014: Kim leaves Provo to go home for a six-month waiting period before leaving to go on an LDS mission.
October 10 2014: Kim leaves on her mission to Manila, Philippines
April 2014- April 2016: He. Waited. For. Her. They’re here to tell you that long-distance relationships work! Most times we only hear the sad stories, stories where it didn’t work out. Kim hared with me, “Ether & I are living proof that you can remain in love while being half a world apart!”
April 20 2016: Kim returns home to Shanghai from the Philippine
May 21 2016: I finally return to Utah. Ether proposes a month and a day after Kim gets home from her mission
August 11 2016: Wedding bells!!!

Wedding gown detail | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerBride, bouquet and dress | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerWedding gown detail | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer Bride bouquet with pinks | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

Pastel bouquet | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

Top bun wedding updo | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Sunlight illuminates wedding gown | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer Bride looks beautiful over Great Salt Lake | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

The Proposal

Are you ready for this????!! Ether had planned out an elaborate, all-day scavenger hunt that took Kim to various places of significance in our love story. Ether’s sister and two of Kim’s best friends were her chauffeur and escorts for the day. They explored different locations around BYU (the campus where they fell in love), the movie theater at Riverwoods, where they had first accidentally said “I love you” (while watching Frozen!), the park up by Cedar Hills where they had their first kiss, etc. Ultimately, however, the hunt led Kim to our Winnie the Pooh tree in a park behind his parent’s house, and there he was: the trees were lit, there were candles on the ground, and music was playing in the background. Together they dug up, from beneath the ground, an old canister that they had buried two years ago. The canister contained two letters that they had written to each other and themselves, about their love, about their hopes and dreams for their love, and about their feelings for each other (Hello romantic!!!). Kim and Ether reminisced together and the whole time Kim thought, “Is he going to propose right now?!” Wrong! She was wrong.

What Happened Next

If you know Ether you would know that he always goes one more step beyond average. Kim says, “Before I knew it, him & I were off to Salt Lake City. Although I still had no idea what was going on. We arrived at City Creek mall, and my first (mortified) thought was that he was going to propose to me by the water fountains, using a flash mob! The fountains show started right as we got there, which I knew could not have been a coincidence. Plus, I get shy when the spotlight is suddenly thrust on me, so I was definitely fidgety…but, for no reason! He was simply using the fountains as a distraction! He took me up the escalators…and into Tiffany & Co! Our entrance into the store could not have been more dramatic. The store was already closed, so the blinds were down, but as we stood outside the doors, the blinds went up, and we were welcomed in by Tiffany & Co. staff!”

Long story short– Ether and Kim sat down in front of a TV, which began playing a proposal video that Ether had filmed. It showed him in different parts of the world –he had traveled the US and Asia during the time Kim was on her mission just to film this! During the video it showed him while in different parts of his travel saying the different words to “Will…You…Marry…Me?” Needless to say, Kim said the tears were rolling down her face.  When the video was done, Ether got down on one knee…and proposed! With a beautiful Tiffany setting! Sounds like a whirlwind of a day!

Groom shows off watch | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerGroom suit | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerGroom holds the bouquet | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerHoling hands at the Great Salt Lake | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerGroom's suit | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer Forehead to forehead at Great salt lake | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographerbride and groom hold hands | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

What They Love Most

That they can always be 100% themselves around each other. No fluff, no fakeness, no pretense. They know each other’s joys and woes, gifts and burdens. And that knowing is everything. It is comfort. It is true love. They love going on hikes together, drives, and movie dates. They can’t wait to start a family. It is what they are looking forward to the most!!!
Bride and groom at boneville salt flats | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

Sunlit Bridal Session | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerBride kisses groom | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerBridals with groom | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerBridal session at the salt flats | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

Wedding Details

One word Kim used to describe her vision of their wedding day is “Elegance.”  Their wedding colors will be navy blue, blush pink, with hints of green and gold!  How BEAUTIFUL!!!!Bride and groom holding hands | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerGroom makes an appearance during bridals | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer Bride with bouquet and groom hugging | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Bridal bouquet | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerBride holds train of dress | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerArms up in celebration | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerKiss during bridals | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerGreat salt lake bridal session | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerClose up of bride over groom's shoulder | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerBride smiles over groom's shoulder | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Sunlight crosses the salt flats | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerRomantic sunlit kiss | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer
Wedding gown | Brooke Bakken | Utah PhotographerSunlight and laughter | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer Bride rest forehead on Groom | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

Bridals at the Great Salt Lake | Brooke Bakken | Utah Photographer

If you have a love story that you think is greater than the Great Salt Lake, then contact me today for more info on documenting and capturing it all.








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