06 May


A Photographer’s Guide to a Bright Colored Wedding

Bright colored weddings definitely scream SUMMER! Making clever use of those bright colors is what will make your wedding stand out. Not only do they breathe life into your celebration, but they also pop beautifully in photos, creating vibrant, memorable images that stand out in your wedding album.

Let’s dive into how you can infuse bright colors into your summer wedding to make it as lively and joyful as the season itself.

Embrace the Season with Color

Summer is the perfect time to embrace bold, bright colors. The season itself suggests a palette full of vibrancy—from the clear blue skies to the richly colored flowers blooming everywhere. Here’s why and how to make these lively hues work for you:

  1. Choosing Your Palette: Start by choosing a primary bright color that resonates with your personal style or the theme of your wedding. Popular summer picks include bold fuchsia, electric blue, sunny yellow, and vibrant coral. These colors can stand alone or be paired with other shades to create a dynamic and appealing look. For example, a coral can be beautifully complemented with aqua or mint green for a beachy vibe, or paired with gold for a touch of elegance.
  2. Thematic Tones: Consider the theme of your wedding. A tropical theme invites a mix of bright yellows, greens, and blues, mimicking the feel of sunny beach days and lush landscapes. For a more urban, modern wedding, bright pops of neon against black or gray can create a sophisticated yet playful setting.

Incorporating Color in Decor

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate bright colored wedding decor here are a few ways to do just that:

  1. Floral Arrangements: Flowers are one of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate color. Discuss with your florist about using seasonal flowers that come in bright hues. Think sunflowers or gerberas for a sunny yellow, dahlias for a splash of vibrant red, or exotic orchids for a touch of fuchsia. Arrange these brightly colored blooms in monochromatic bunches for a bold impact, or mix them for a bohemian flair.
  2. Table Settings and Centerpieces: Your reception tables are prime real estate for color. Use brightly colored tablecloths or runners to immediately uplift the mood. Centerpieces featuring colorful candles, vases, or even fruits (like lemons and limes) can add a fun and unexpected twist.
  3. Lighting: Don’t underestimate the power of lighting to enhance the mood and color scheme. Colored lights can transform a space and make the colors of your décor pop even more vividly as the sun sets.

Fashion and Style for Bright Colored Weddings

  1. Bridal Party Fashion: Encourage your bridal party to embrace bright colors. Bridesmaid dresses in shades like turquoise or hot pink can look stunning and make for exceptionally vibrant group photos. For a more coordinated look, have your groomsmen sport ties or pocket squares in a matching hue.
  2. Accessories: As for yourself, while you may opt for a traditional white dress, consider incorporating color through your accessories—think bold shoes, a vibrant bouquet, or even a colorful hairpiece.

Capturing Color Through the Lens

As a photographer, I find that a bright colored wedding not only enhances the aesthetics but also bring out the joy and emotions of the day in pictures. Here are a few tips on how to ensure these colors translate beautifully on camera:

  1. Timing Is Everything: The midday sun can make bright colors stand out and give your photos a crisp, vivid look. However, it’s important to balance this with softer lighting to avoid harsh shadows. Discuss with your photographer the best times to capture outdoor photos.
  2. Backgrounds Matter: When planning your photo shoots, think about how the colors of your venue and the surrounding landscape will interact with your wedding’s color theme. A lush green garden, for instance, can make pink or yellow hues pop.
  3. Photographic Styles: Inform your photographer about your color theme in advance. A good photographer will know how to use color grading in post-production to make those hues sing without overpowering the natural beauty of the day.

Incorporating bright colors into your summer wedding is all about balance. You want your colors to stand out and shape the atmosphere of your wedding, without overwhelming the senses. Mix brights with neutral tones, play with different textures, and use natural light to your advantage.

Remember, the goal is to make your wedding a day that reflects both your personality and the joy of your union. Bright colors, when used thoughtfully, can make your special day feel even more festive, vibrant, and alive—exactly what a summer wedding should be. 

So go ahead, paint your big day in the bright, bold shades of summer! Your photos—and your memories—will be all the brighter for it. Happy planning!

Summer Bright Colored Wedding Inspo

Browse this gallery of brightly colored wedding decor for inspiration for your summer wedding!




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