12 Dec


Inspiration for Winter Studio Bridals

There are many reasons to book winter studio bridals. While winter is beautiful, and I truly do love getting those snowy portraits, sometimes the cold and snow make taking pictures a little less fun. The weather is also always a factor to consider when you’re trying to get pictures in the middle of winter because of the way the lighting will be. But one of the biggest reasons I would suggest doing winter studio bridals, is it’s another way to guarantee getting portraits of you in your dress!




Three Reasons to do Winter Studio Bridals 


1. Escape the Chill, Embrace WARMTH

Outdoor winter photography can be stunning, but let’s be real – it’s cold! In a studio, you’re not battling freezing temperatures. You can ditch the goosebumps and focus on capturing stunning images in a comfortable setting. Plus, your dress and makeup stay flawless away from winter’s harsh elements. 


2. Lighting: A Photographer’s Best Friend

Winter days can be short and gloomy, but in a studio, lighting is controlled, customizable, and most importantly, flattering. We can create the perfect ambiance without worrying about what’s going on outside. There is so much more flexibility!


3. Personalized Elements

Here’s where we can get creative! Studios offer an array of props, from elegant furniture to thematic items, adding an extra layer of personalization to your photos. Feel free to bring along any special items that tell your love story or complement your wedding theme.


BONUS: Guaranteed Portraits

When you have a winter wedding, or simply want winter engagement photos, the sun sets a lot earlier limiting the amount of time you’ll get. So by booking winter studio bridals, you’ll get dedicated time to capturing you in your dress with your hair and makeup all done! Plus it’s a great way to trial your hair and makeup for the big day. 

No matter what you decide to do, capturing portraits in the snow or winter studio bridals, I’m on board! For some winter studio bridal inspiration, keep on scrolling! I captured these images a few years back but they are still some of my favorite winter bride portraits. 


Winter Studio Bridals




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