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Keeping It Reel

Staying on Track

At the beginning of the year, I shared my brand new promo video- filmed by the one and only KALE FITCH! It’s 2019 and I came to step up my game! I committed myself to blogging consistently, elevating my brand and inspiring photographers and mamas alike!

We are already four months into the year and I am happy to say I have stayed on track with the goals I set for myself (at least the blogging part!).

I am doing my best to “KEEP IT REAL”. I try to share a part of myself and sometimes the not-so-glamorous side of being a working mom. And while I LOVE a good Instagram feed and try to stay “on brand,” I also want people to know the REAL me: the girl with a REALLY loud laugh. the girl that loves a good “that’s what she said joke” (and if we are being completely inappropriate, shock value jokes are my jam!); the girl who can keep her calm and composure even when it feels like your session has gone to pot and your kids are out of control.

I want others to see that, while I love to look polished and professional, my sessions are full of jokes, laughter and a little bit of chaos. But have no fear, I thrive in those moments!

Keeping it “Reel”: A Behind the Scenes Blooper Highlight

When Kale delivered my original promo, just like everything he does, I LOVED it! If you have yet to see it, you can view it HERE. Honestly, I love working with him and I am constantly amazed at what he captures and how he tells MY story.

We collaborated and tried a new approach to a promo video this time around. I didn’t want a standard “sit and interview” feel. It didn’t feel genuine to who I am. So, we decided I would have a mic on me the whole time (talk about DICEY) and to let my personality do the “talking”. We shot both, a family and a bride+groom video because I want my clients to know I am here for their journey!

From the time they say I do until the time they announce they are pregnant, and then on to the time they have crazy toddlers running around…I am all in! And let me tell you….these sessions did NOT disappoint!

After we wrapped up with shooting, I looked at Kale like…uh make me look good, k? You better believe he lived up to his side of the bargain! But he didn’t stop there! Kale also went above and beyond with this BLOOPER reel! I have never laughed harder at myself! So, while yes, I am a professional and a businesswoman, know this: I don’t take myself or life too seriously! There is always room for laughter and I will ALWAYS have the loudest laugh in the pack. And I’m okay with that! THIS IS ME!!