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I am a mother of 3 amazing little kiddos who keep me on my toes. I am a wife to an incredible man who has supported this dream of mine from day one. He is my rock and my number one fan.  

Michael and I had our first son when I realized I needed  to purchase a professional camera to really start my photography career. However, as with many new parents, we lacked the funds. So, I took the one thing I owned with value and sold my beautiful engagement ring in order pay for it. Michael supported my decision 100%! I have never once regretted exchanging my engagement ring for a camera. I love my job, I love my couples and am thankful for each one of them for giving me the chance to have the career and life I always dreamed of.  (Also, in case you are wondering.... I still love having my original wedding band as my wedding ring).

THE Bakken Crew


My images have been featured in national and international publications, and I am honored to have been apart of that. I am also grateful for the teams of vendors who've helped make those days beautiful. Here's a small selection of the recent features:




It is the little things you love that make your relationships different from everyone else. It could be as simple as the way he brushes back your hair with a crooked half smile or the subtle laughter you have when he says something funny. These are the best moments.

intimate moments

I am a flower girl at heart! I am serious! Every wedding photographer has their favorite wedding day details and those sweet smelling florals are mine! Even if your wedding budget is limited, invest in your bridal bouquet. This bouquet will be in more pictures than any other florals!

beautiful bouquets

There is nothing better than seeing a couple who is in love and laughs together. I love genuine and heartfelt emotion, but laughter is by far my favorite. I don't do fake giggles. I want the "bend over and hold your gut laughter". The kind that makes your cheeks hurt. 


They sparkle and they shine. That little ring is something that means so much to you and a symbol for the rest of the world. Make sure you do a quick little ring clean before our sessions because I always love the chance to photograph your bling! 

rings that bling

It's your wedding day. It's a celebration and what is a celebration without some killer jams and a HUGE dance party!? Sign. Me. Up! No but really, you will find me on YOUR dance floor. Takin' Pictures, bustin' moves and #allthethings! 

a Bride that boogies

There is something so welcoming about a perfectly placed setting for your guests to sit down to. When friends and family gather around a table to share a meal, it starts the perfect introduction to an evening of celebration and dancing. These are details I love to photograph!


This phase of your life will go quickly and it only happens once!  This is where you create your legacy and don't be overwhelmed by the little things along the way.  Enjoy every step of the journey to becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Living in the moment