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Motherhood Mini GIVEAWAY

Meet Rebecca! I met Rebecca through a giveaway I did on my photography page a couple years ago and have LOVED keeping up with her ever since. Today, she’s helping me spread the word about my Motherhood Mini GIVEAWAY! Her adorable little girl squad was love at first sight for me! They are beyond precious. You can tell in the pictures below just how much they LOVE and look up to their amazing momma! Rebecca and I have teamed up to give one LUCKY winner a “Motherhood Mini” session. Anyone can enter and I hope that you do!

A little bit more about Rebecca, she is an INCREDIBLE mother and an always inspiring woman. She is genuine, authentic and I love her transparency and how she “keeps it real” on social media. If you don’t already follow her…do yourself a favor and hop on over to Instagram and follow “@ifthecookiefits“. You won’t be disappointed! Rebecca is a Macro coach and overall “foodie”. She always makes rooms for treats and honestly that’s what I love most about her! We love food on a deep level and life is too short to deprive yourself!!

Get to know Rebecca below, and make sure to enter for my giveaway for a free Motherhood mini by signing up for my newsletter here, liking my Facebook page here and following me on Instagram here!

Family Pictures | Provo City, Utah | Family Session | What to Wear | Family Photo Outfits | Utah Family Photographer | Brooke Bakken Photography | www.brookebakken.comWhere did you grow up?

I lived in SLC, and then Hawaii for a couple of years and then moved to Provo, Utah in 2nd grade and stayed there through High School.

Did you go to school for what you do now?

Not really, no! I went to BYU and got a bachelor degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing. I worked as a manager of Four Chairs Furniture for a few years, then had my own online shop making handmade baby boots. In just the last year I have started teaching fitness classes and helping people with their nutrition.

How did you discover your passion for what you do?

I became passionate about health and fitness because it changed my life. After I had my third daughter, I was not in a very healthy place–mentally or physically. I knew I needed to change some things. I started attending a work out class called High Fitness and it made me love ME again. I was taking care of my body, I felt strong, I was having fun, I was meeting friends, and it changed my whole outlook of “self care”.  After about a year of consistent exercise I had lost about 25 pounds. I knew I then needed to focus on my nutrition. So I started tracking what I eat, and more specifically, the macronutrients of my diet. I had learned how to eat a more balanced and whole diet. I learned the importance of protein, and limiting the amount of carbs and fats we consume.

At this point I became so passionate about both High Fitness and counting macros that I decided to become a fitness instructor and also help individuals with their health and learning all I had learned. It’s been a dream to share my passion with others.

What does a typical day look like for you?Family Pictures | Provo City, Utah | Family Session | What to Wear | Family Photo Outfits | Utah Family Photographer | Brooke Bakken Photography |

I get my oldest daughter off to 2nd grade, then I usually take my other 2 daughters to the gym, or run some errands. But the gym is always one of my top priorities, if I don’t get a chance to go to the gym in the morning, then I try and go in the evening once my girls are in bed. I am often trying or testing new recipes that are healthier and more balanced to share with others on Instagram. My girls dance and do piano, so we have normal errands all around town, but I try to have a nice dinner with my family most nights so we can eat together. Then once my girls are in bed I use that time to catch up on emails or questions I’ve received from people that day.

What is the most satisfying thing about your job + being a mom?

Seeing others experience the joy that I have found. Whether it’s weight loss, or building muscle, or becoming more confident in themselves, or finding a new love for exercise, or whatever it may be…I love when people share their “ah-ha” moments with me in finding a healthier and better lifestyle.

Being a mom is the best. I love also seeing my girls happy. I love to see them full of energy, and personality, making new friends and being comfortable with who they are and loving themselves. I love seeing them work hard for something and the sense of accomplishment when they finish. I love seeing them struggle, but then get through it and become a little stronger because of it. I love seeing them play together, and develop a relationship with one another. I just love my girlies so much!

If you couldn’t do what you do not, what do you think you would do?

Honestly, I don’t even know. I couldn’t think of anything better than raising 3 sweet girls, and then helping others with their health and fitness all while taking care of my own too! I seriously love it.

Family Pictures | Provo City, Utah | Family Session | What to Wear | Family Photo Outfits | Utah Family Photographer | Brooke Bakken Photography | www.brookebakken.comWhat is your favorite “mom” moment?

I think one of my favorite moments, was when my oldest daughter had her first day of kindergarten. I wasn’t very nervous, and neither was she! But, as she climbed those steps into the bus with so much confidence and happiness on her face I felt such a strong feeling of gratitude, happiness, and calm knowing that she was going off into the world, on her own for really the first time, and she never turned around and looked back. She was ready, and I was ready, and I couldn’t have been happier to see her do it with such confidence. That moment took away a lot of worry for me. It helped me learn that all I can do is teach her and help her as much as I can when I’m with her, but when she’s out on her own I just have to trust that I’ve taught her enough and hope she can always be herself, be kind and be confident.

How did you develop your niche?

As I was counting macros, I kept trying to find someone on Instagram I could follow that was “normal”. Meaning, someone that ate treats, went to parties, and lived a pretty “normal” life, but still took care of themselves, took care of their health and their body. So I decided to start my own account. To share my favorite healthy recipes, but to show that I also eat candy and cookies, and plates of nachos. It wasn’t “all or nothing”. I also decided to always be 100% real, not hiding behind filters, but to be myself and no one else.

How long have you been doing this?

I started this Instagram/fitness instructor/macro mentor in the Fall of 2017.

How do you come up with content?Family Pictures | Provo City, Utah | Family Session | What to Wear | Family Photo Outfits | Utah Family Photographer | Brooke Bakken Photography |

I don’t second guess whatever comes to mind. If I start thinking a lot about something, whether it’s a healthy tip or a motivational subject, then I post it. I don’t second guess it, because I often talk myself out of it. But if I just post what is on my mind, then I usually always have people reach out to me telling me how much it has helped them. I like to share a combination of recipes, fitness inspo, self-care, self-confidence, and my family.

Who is your favorite person to keep up with related to your field?

There are a few High Fitness girls I love keeping tabs on like @highfitnessemily, @fitmamametta and @jesspugmire. My favorite macro friends are @cleansimpleeats, @thatashtonbarrett, @bicepsafterbabies, and @mommyfitandrea. And the studio where I teach @evolvefitnessutah.

What is a challenge you have faced in your experience as mom + entrepreneur?

I have realized I can’t do everything 100%. But I also don’t want to give everything only 25%. So I’ve found to just let some things go some times. Some days I don’t do my laundry, some days I don’t do my hair, some days we don’t have a hot meal, some days I don’t get a work out in…and it’s FINE. I will be fine, my family will be fine. I just need to do my best and don’t worry about the rest.

What is the best “mom” advice you have ever received?

To “not listen to anyone else’s advice”. Kind of kidding, but not! We all have such different lives, different personalities, different challenges, different trials, different situations, and so something that might really work great for me, may not work great for someone else. So do what is best for you. Do your best today, see what you can change to make tomorrow a little better–but always do what’s best for you and your family. Because any comparison between “your hard” and someone else’s “hard”, is never a fair comparison.

Family Pictures | Provo City, Utah | Family Session | What to Wear | Family Photo Outfits | Utah Family Photographer | Brooke Bakken Photography | www.brookebakken.comWhat’s your best “mom hack”?

Dry Shampoo, frozen meals, and Diet Coke–between those three things it solves most problems.

If you had the chance to sit down over coffee with a new mom, what would you tell her?

Do what makes you happy. You cannot fully take care of your children unless you are fully taking care of yourself. Whether it’s a new top, getting your nails done, or getting a work out in — if it makes you happy, then make it a priority.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself?

To be no one else but myself. I tried for so long to act a certain way, or wish I looked a certain way–but in reality I will truly never be happy until I can accept who I am and love her A LOT. True happiness isn’t a pant size, an age, a salary — it’s loving who you are right now.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?Family Pictures | Provo City, Utah | Family Session | What to Wear | Family Photo Outfits | Utah Family Photographer | Brooke Bakken Photography |

To remember the “1”. To remember that if at the end of the day I have helped 1 person, then I am doing my job. If I have made 1 person smile, 1 person feel good about themselves, 1 person feel a little more confident, or 1 person for more in control, then that’s all that matters at the end of the day. If my “job” starts to feel too much like a “job”, then I step back and reevaluate. I want it to be a hobby, to be something I love and want to do.

How have you + your family been impacted by your job?

I feel like at a very young age my girls are able to realize the importance of taking care of their health. The importance of eating well and moving our bodies so that we can FEEL good and have the energy we need to be happy.