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Your simple and every day life needs to be photographed. Your littles are only little for so long, your high school senior is leaving for college soon, we are only growing up more from here. My portrait sessions are what you need to capture life as it happens. These are fun sessions, your kids will feel like they are playing and I want you all to forget the camera is even there. When we capture your families spunk, spirit and personality, it is like we have stolen a moment of time for you to cherish once it passes. Im here to help you prep, pick the perfect outfits, and make sure you get pictures you live for a lifetime.

The session will roughly last about an hour (usually it just depends on how long kiddos last!). I photograph family portraits on location or in the studio, and have no worries if you don't know where you would like to shoot, I have several awesome locations to recommend.

Once you have booked your session, I'll send you lots of info about what to wear, how to prepare for your session, etc. To book your session, I require payment of the $150 session fee. Products are purchased a la carte, and all purchasing decisions are made at your in-person viewing & ordering appointment approx. 2 weeks after your session. If you live outside of Utah County (or cannot come to the office to view your images), I can arrange to do the viewing appointment over the phone/internet. I schedule a limited number of photo sessions per week, and will be happy to reserve your session upon payment of your session fee.

My goal is to provide you with fine art printed keepsakes that can be passed on to future generations in your family. I want to get to know you so we can create meaningful images that are truly unique to your family. I am not a "shoot and burn" studio who photographs your session, burns a DVD, and mails it to you a few days later. My clients expect and deserve much more, which is why I am a full service photography studio. I will guide you through the entire process- from choosing outfits & location to deciding how to display your images. The last thing I want is for your images to be confined to a USB drive & stuffed into a drawer somewhere, never to see the light of day. Hey, I'm guilty of doing it too; life gets busy! I put countless hours into the post production of your images- including color correcting on our professionally calibrated monitors and meticulously retouching every image you order.

My clients value photography & view their portrait session as a chance to capture images they will treasure for years to come.  See my complete product guide here: 


I offer very flexible pricing, though most of my clients are investing approximately $400-$1000 on products. I will provide you with social networking optimized images of all images you order (whether you’ve ordered a print, canvas, album, etc.) for convenient online sharing with family and friends.