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Rehearsal Dinner Engagement Style Photos

Let’s talk about capturing rehearsal dinner engagement photos. When it comes to wedding photography, most people immediately think of the big day itself: the bride’s entrance, the couple’s first dance, the cake cutting ceremony. But there’s another significant event that often gets overlooked – the rehearsal dinner. This intimate gathering is rich with authentic moments, candid emotions, and unique memories that are different from the wedding day. Here are seven reasons for you to add rehearsal dinner engagement photos to your list!





7 reasons to have rehearsal dinner engagement style photos

1. Get Engagement Style Photos 

With some of my couples that elope, or even if you decide to get married relatively quickly, there’s no time to get engagement photos. So opting to add the rehearsal dinner coverage will allow you to get those portraits that you missed out on. 

2. Allows for comfortability 

Even if you’ve taken engagement photos, some are still a little uncomfortable posing in front of the camera. By capturing rehearsal dinner engagement photos it’s another opportunity to loosen up and get comfortable. Making wedding photos on your wedding day is a lot more relaxed. 

3. Get Acquainted with Guests 

Photographing the rehearsal dinner provides a golden opportunity for the photographer to familiarize themselves with key family members and friends. This familiarity can prove beneficial on the wedding day, making group photos and special requests much smoother.

4. Intimate Moments Unveiled 

Unlike the actual wedding day which can be a grand affair, the rehearsal dinner is usually a smaller, intimate gathering of close family and friends. This setting often results in genuine, unscripted moments that tell a beautiful story of the couple’s journey and the bonds they share with their loved ones.

5. Rehearsal dinner engagement photos complete the narrative 

When you combine the photographs from the rehearsal dinner with those from the wedding day, you provide a more comprehensive narrative of the couple’s celebration. It paints a fuller picture, starting from the pre-wedding excitement and anticipation to the climax of the big day.

6. Flexibility in Creativity

With the generally relaxed atmosphere of the rehearsal dinner, photographers often have more flexibility to experiment with different styles or techniques. It’s a chance to get creative without the pressing timelines of the wedding day.

7. Capture the Toasts and Speeches

It’s common for close family and friends to give toasts or speeches during the rehearsal dinner. These heartfelt messages, often filled with personal stories and anecdotes, are treasures to be captured. They often contain emotions, laughter, and tears, which are photographic gold.


While the wedding day is undoubtedly the highlight, the rehearsal dinner holds its own charm and significance. As a photographer, capturing the rehearsal dinner not only adds depth to the wedding story but also provides a unique opportunity to document raw, unfiltered emotions and interactions.

For couples on the fence about including rehearsal dinner photography in their package, consider the memories, laughs, tears, and stories that the evening will encompass. These are moments that, once gone, can never be replicated. Having them captured in photographs ensures that they remain tangible keepsakes for years to come.


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