25 Apr

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Six Things Every Couple Needs To Stop Doing

Yesterday I shared six things every couple needs to stop doing over on Instagram, and then I asked for the BEST marriage advice my followers had ever heard, and the WORST marriage advice they’d ever heard. After it came flooding in, I decided that I didn’t want to gatekeep, it needed to be shared.

But before I share the six things every couple needs to stop doing and the worst and best marriage advice my followers shared, come and hang out with me over on Instagram so you can see the #MondayMotivation posts and this mini series based off of the book 1000+ Little Habits of Happy Successful Relationships. You can read the nuggets from week one on this IG post

This week was all about couples and marriage, so if you’re in a relationship or know someone who may need a dose of advice, send them this post




Six Things Every Couple Needs to Stop Doing

#1 – Being too busy to be present with each other. The author writes that the best gift you can ever give to someone you love is your full presence.  “If you do not find at least some amount of presence in moments you share with your partner, it is impossible to listen, speak, compromise, or otherwise connect on a meaningful level.

#2 – Feeling too comfortable to compliment each other. No matter how small it may seem, tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them. The author shared, “The secret to a healthy, lasting relationship is not about how many days, months, or years you’ve been together. It’s about how much you truly love each other every day”.

#3 – Resisting Compromise. Stop and put yourself in their shoes. “Good relationships don’t just happen, and they aren’t built solely on a foundation of convenience. They take time, patience and effort, and two people who want to be together and are willing to meet in the middle”. 

#4 – Wanting to be right. This 4th out of six things every couple needs to stop doing is definitely a difficult one. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t express your opinions. “Express your opinions freely and politely with your partner, remembering that if your purpose is to ridicule them or prove them wrong, it will only bring bitterness into your relationship”. Respect without judgment or jumping to conclusions carries more weight than wanting to be right.

#5 – Hiding personal flaws and problems from each other. Nobody is perfect and when you are hiding your flaws and problems from your significant other, you don’t give them the opportunity “to truly know you and love you fully”.

#6 – Trying to get even as a replacement for forgiveness. This last of the six things every couple needs to stop doing is definitely a great reminder. The author penned, “Getting even doesn’t help a relationship heal. If your partner makes a mistake that hurts you, and you want your relationship to grow beyond it, you have to start with forgiveness. Forgiveness is giving up your craving to hurt them for hurting you”. It’s not easy, but it’s a vital part of having a healthy relationship. 

If you have any thoughts on any of the six things every couple needs to stop doing, share them below, or head to this IG post and join the convo there!

Now, on to the marriage advice! 

Some of the best marriage advice my friends on Instagram had to share: 

  • Honest, open COMMUNICATION!
  • Don’t try to change your spouse’s feelings, listen and figure out how to help them.
  • Don’t cheat!
  • Deal with the sh*t now or leave them and deal with some else’s sh*t, either way it’s sh*t lol
  • There is more than one way to do something! 
  • Express and show appreciation for all the little things
  • Enjoy SEX! It was created for both of you!
  • Don’t overshare your problems with other people.

Some of the WORST marriage advice my friends on Instagram shared:

  • Never go to bed mad… sometimes going to bed is the best thing you can do! 
  • Make choices based off what other people think… it’s not always what will be the best for YOU.
  • You should prohibit your husband from something he wants to do. Sounds like: “You let your husband do ________?!” 




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