19 Sep


Staying Present and Capturing Moments: A Free Photo Challenge

Free photo challenge and creating intentional memories? Yes, please! As a mom, you find that there is a unique journey of balancing the art of capturing memories and living in them simultaneously. Striking a balance between trying to capture every precious moment, and wanting to be part of the unfolding scene, engaging with your kids and family is essential. Especially when you realize that sometimes, the most meaningful memories aren’t just in photos but in our hearts and minds. 

But how, as busy parents, do we do that?





Creating Intentional Moments

With the holidays coming up, and your never ending-to do list growing, it’s easy to let the days pass by without a second look. Yes, there are spontaneous moments that will catch your attention, but what if you decided to create intentional moments too?

Plan a family outing to the zoo or to an apple orchard. Take a hayride, go through the corn maze, carve (or decorate!) pumpkins. 

Schedule these memories into your calendar and then (this part may shock you) try to keep your phone away. Be present in those moments with your kids, take in their smiles, their laughter, their wonder at the world in front of them. It’ll be gone before you blink.


Authentically Capturing Moments

When we do choose to reach for our cameras though, there’s an art to capturing memories authentically. It’s tempting to curate ‘picture-perfect’ moments – coordinating outfits, seeking golden-hour lighting, or scouting scenic locales. But oftentimes, the most treasured photographs are those unplanned, raw, candid moments. 

A mud-splattered face after an unexpected rain dance, the look of sheer determination on a toddler’s face as they try to tie their shoelaces, or the tender moments of sibling camaraderie. 

These are the snapshots that, years down the line, will transport us right back, invoking feelings and emotions as if they happened just yesterday.


October Photo Challenge

If the idea of creating intentional memories and capturing authentic moments you’re living in resonates with you, I invite you to join me in a special journey this October. Inspired by the colors, textures, and emotions that this month evokes, I’ve designed a 30-day photo challenge. It’s not just about taking pictures but about experiencing and then capturing. Some days might prompt a spontaneous dance in the autumn leaves, while others might be about relishing the warmth of a family hot cocoa session.

Every prompt is an opportunity: to bond, to experience, and then, to capture. And as the month progresses, you’ll find that this challenge offers more than just a collection of photos; it offers a montage of deeply cherished memories, both lived and immortalized.


Are you ready to cherish October like never before? Dive into this unique blend of experience and expression. Download the 30-day photo challenge now and let’s celebrate the season of cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and heartfelt memories together!


Get the Free Photo Challenge Checklist Here!


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