16 Feb


7 Tips for a Memorable Family Session

With record breaking snow in Utah the past couple of months, to say I’m excited for warmer weather would be an understatement.  Earlier, autocorrect changed tips to tulips, so even my phone is desperate for Spring. 😆 And with the change of season on my mind, I decided to share these sweet images of one of my favorite families– AND tips for a memorable family session. I’m not going to keep you scrolling to get to the tips, we’re gonna hop straight into them!



7 Tips For A Memorable Family Session

Tip #1 for a memorable family session: Trust me

I know this should probably go without saying, but I’m making it my number one tip because when you trust me, all the following tips are going to be so much easier for you! It is my goal to deliver a beautiful gallery of photos that capture stolen moments in time for you.


Tip #2 for a memorable family session: Go with the Flow

When you let go of certain expectations and just go with the flow of what’s happening, it will be a much more memorable experience for the entire family. The moments that may seem like they were out of your plan, sometimes turn out to be the best memories. So take a deep breath, and go with it!


Tip #3 for a memorable family session: Bring BRIBES

If you’re wondering if bribes really work, I’m here to tell you THEY DO! Parenting is hard, but sometimes it’s the littlest thing that works the best. So whether it’s a toy, an adventure after the session, or their favorite snack– bring it!


Tip #4 for a memorable family session: Leave the toys and blankies at home or in the car!

…unless you want them in your images that is! When it’s out of sight, it’s truly out of mind. This can also be used for cell phones, wallets, anything that can be forgotten that it’s in your pockets! You’ll definitely either want to put them all in mom’s purse or leave them in the car so that they don’t make an appearance in your photos.


Tip #5 for a memorable family session: Don’t be afraid to be silly or say silly things to get your little ones to laugh.

In the Tanner’s session, there was a moment where their mom yelled out, “BOOBIES!” in an effort to get their toddler to laugh. Well, not only did it get their toddler to smile but the WHOLE family had the best reactions!


Tip #6 for a memorable family session: Don’t stress about getting the perfect shot.

I know you have a Pinterest board or images saved on Instagram of what you want, and I will do my absolute best to get some of those poses, but remember that your family is unique and the location, weather, lighting, everything is going to be different than what you saved. Besides, some of the best images captured are the ones you didn’t even plan on taking.


Tip #7 for a memorable family session: Let your kids be wild and show their personalities.

Your kids are constantly changing, so let your family portraits be a reflection of who they are at that age. I know you’ll be grateful for those memories later down the line when your sassy toddler becomes a moody teenager.


Bonus Tip for a memorable family session: Bribe your husband…😳

Husbands sometimes need to be persuaded to have an enjoyable family session… but that’s an entirely different kind of bribe all together that I’ll leave 100% in your hands.😉🤪


Okay, now enjoy the Tanner’s Spring family session and see if you can guess which one is the one with the “BOOBIES!”









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