17 Jan

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Four Tips for Better Getting Ready Photos

Calling all brides and photographers, I am sharing my top four tips for better getting ready photos because those moments before you walk down the aisle are precious and should definitely get the same attention that all your other images get.

There are getting ready photos, and then there are beautiful, elegant, Pinterest worthy getting ready photos. I’m going to safely assume that you want the latter, right? Well, these tips for better getting ready photos will ensure that you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of for months and not wonder what went wrong.

Cue the sound, “how did this, turn into THIS?!” 

Before we get started, if we’re not already friends on IG, what are you waiting for?😉



Tip #1 for Better Getting Ready Photos: Natural Light or Window Light

This is a MUST.

When it comes to photography, light reigns supreme! Natural sunlight is softer, more even, and more flattering than the light from lamps and light fixtures. Natural Light also shows the best true to color when it comes to skin tone and color pantone of your florals.

When you’re deciding where to get ready for your wedding, consider the light in the space. A room with large windows and plenty of natural light will make your getting ready photos SO much better!

So photographers, what happens if there is no natural light? 

If it’s not possible to get ready in a space with natural light, ask to see if there is an outdoor area that you can use to capture the bride’s finishing touches. It’s not uncommon for me to ask a bride to step outside where the light is best. As a photographer, that is MY job… to find the best light for you. (there’s extra bonus tips for better getting ready photos!😉)



Tip #2: Space

There is nothing harder than trying to create or find space for the bride to get ready or dressed because there simply isn’t the space to do it.

Brides, when booking your venue with a bridal suite (or a hotel suite), think about how many people will likely be in the room and will it be large enough for your wedding party and whatever getting ready team you will have with you.

For example, you may have:

  • Your side of the wedding party
  • A couple of parents
  • Hair and makeup team
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

… and that’s just to name a few! It can get crowded pretty quick.

There should also be plenty of space for you, the bride, to get dressed – and space for your dresses to be hung up and unbagged.

Space is truly VALUABLE real estate when it comes to capturing better getting ready photos!



Tip #3: Room Color

I LOVE a good neutral or light colored room to get ready in. White for a bride is the CHEF’S KISS, when it comes to capturing better getting ready photos, but there is no need to shy away from dark colors either. With the right amount of natural light, the dark colors can have a stunning effect.

Check out this charcoal colored room, with the perfect amount of window light…I think it makes the bride POP!



So what colored rooms should you try to avoid?

The rooms that have bright or bold colors (like red, blue, yellow, tan) or wood paneling and dark ceilings, are definitely harder rooms to capture better getting ready photos.

The color of the room (and window light) is something to keep in mind while looking for the perfect place to get ready!



Tip #4 for Better Getting Ready Photos: Clear of Clutter

Along with the amount of space you have in your bridal suite or your getting ready room, is CLUTTER.

Even with one person getting ready for a wedding, there are so many things that can pile up — brushes, bags, snacks, water bottles, clothes, accessories… you get the point. Most brides are getting ready in the same space as their bridesmaids or close female relatives, so you can imagine just how much STUFF ends up in the room.

In order to create the clean, elegant, Pinterest pinning worthy getting ready photos that you are dreaming of, it is VITAL to clear away the clutter.

ProTip: If possible, designate a helper to keep everything organized and tucked away. Another idea is to designate a specific space BEFORE getting into the hair and makeup chair for your getting ready location, so that no one puts their things around it.



There they are- my 4 tips for better getting ready photos. I hope these will help both brides, as you’re searching for a getting ready space for you and your girls, and photographers to capture the best images for their brides. And because I couldn’t help it, keep scrolling for some more photo inspo I had to share!






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