03 Nov

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7 Must Have Wedding Reception Images

After the “I Do’s” and the portraits, the wedding reception is up and with it so many photo opportunities. I’m sharing 7 must-have wedding reception images to put on the list so you can look back and relive the biggest party of your life! 🙂 





7 Must Have Wedding Reception Images


Photo #1: The Grand Entrance

The couple’s entrance to the reception is their first introduction as a married pair to their family and friends. Capture this moment with wide shots that include the cheering guests, and close-ups that showcase their beaming smiles. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime announcement, and the photo should echo the significance of the occasion.


Photo #2: The decor and the atmosphere

Before the guests dive into the celebrations, take the time to photograph the venue. Detail shots of the décor, table settings, centerpieces, and any personalized items add depth to the wedding story. These images allow the couple to appreciate the beauty of their venue and the thoughtful details they may have missed in the whirlwind of the day.


Photo #3: The First Dance

A defining reception moment is the couple’s first dance. It’s a visual representation of their new harmony. Capture the intimacy and grace of the dance, along with the reactions of the onlookers. Utilize angles that embody the movement and emotion, ensuring you immortalize the connection between the newlyweds.


Photo #4: The Parent/Special Dances

Much like the first dance, the parent dances are filled with emotion. These moments can be tender and poignant, so be prepared to capture every teary-eyed glance and every warm embrace. These photos are especially meaningful to the families, showcasing generational love and pride.


Photo #5: The Toasts

Toasts are storytelling gold. They’re emotional, often humorous, and filled with heartfelt sentiments. Get close-ups of the speaker and the couple’s reactions, especially during those surprise anecdotes and touching tributes.


Photo #6: The Cake Cutting

This tradition is a playful and visually appealing moment. Aim for shots that show off the cake’s design before it’s cut, as well as the couple’s teamwork (or mischief) during the cutting. Whether they gently feed each other or playfully smear cake on each other’s faces, it’s a reception highlight not to be missed.


Photo #7: The Exit/Send-Off

Whether it’s sparklers, fireworks, or a classic car getaway, the send-off is the grand finale. Position yourself to capture both the couple’s departure and the guests’ farewells. This is the last image of the night, so make it count with a shot that’s both dramatic and intimate.


Bonus Wedding Reception Images 

After a dozen years of being a wedding photographer, I’ve seen some pretty fun wedding receptions, so here are some bonus wedding reception images for you to keep on the list too:

  • All the dancing: When everyone is on the dance floor, and your couple is having the time of their life with their loved ones– capture that!
  • Final Dance: Clear the dance floor and empty the room for the bride and groom to have one final, private dance. It’s such a special moment
  • Bouquet and Garter toss: If they haven’t done away with this tradition, this is always a fun one to capture
  • Candid laughs and genuine smiles: As many as you can! Along with all the hugs the guests share with the bride and groom
  • Little Gestures: Aside from the big moments, keep your eye out for the little gestures, like the groom whispering in the bride’s ear, her head on his shoulder, holding hands while talking to guests, sharing looks. 



The McCutcheon’s Wedding Reception


A year later and I’m still dreaming about their wedding reception! 😂  Their reception was a PARTY! The dance floor was packed to capacity ALL NIGHT LONG. There wasn’t a single dull moment.

Their band was phenomenal and honestly, the reception space was done to PERFECTION.

Their wedding reception was held at the Bluestone Country Club in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and their reception space was done to PERFECTION.

Seriously though, just take a look at their gallery to see for yourself.




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