09 Nov


Five Reasons for a Studio Engagement Session

What if I told you that you could get beautiful and timeless images from a STUDIO engagement session? Obviously I’m all for scouting all over Utah, California, New Jersey– okay basically anywhere to find the perfect location to capture your engagement session. But you can also have your session at a studio and get just as stunning images without having to worry about some of the things that come with having an outdoor session.  So here are my top five reasons to consider having your engagement session in a studio. 





Five Reasons to do a Studio Engagement Session


A controlled environment 

The most compelling argument for a studio engagement session is the unparalleled control it provides. Unlike outdoor photography, where we are at the mercy of the elements, a studio is a haven of predictability. Lighting can make or break a photo. In the studio, every shadow and highlight is at my command, ensuring that you look your absolute best.  Whether it’s the soft, romantic glow of a faux sunset or the dramatic chiaroscuro for an edgy look, I can sculpt the light to suit the couple’s style and personalities.



The images from a studio engagement session possess a timeless elegance. They’re less susceptible to dating than outdoor photos, which may inadvertently include trendy elements that can age the photo. A studio portrait, with its focus on the couple and their interaction, remains iconic and enduring. Decades down the line, these images stand as a testament to love, unaffected by the changing winds of fashion or landscape.


Undivided Attention 

During a studio session, you receive undivided attention. There are no distractions from onlookers or the environment. This undivided focus means that I can invest all my energy into crafting the perfect shot and providing direction and encouragement. As a result, you get  a service that is tailored entirely to their needs.


Changes are Easy

With a studio engagement session, you have the luxury of bringing multiple outfits without the hassle of finding a place to change. You can effortlessly transition from casual to formal wear, adding variety to your engagement album. Moreover, any concerns about wardrobe malfunctions can be addressed on the spot, and makeup touch-ups can be done easily, ensuring that each frame captures you at your most photogenic.


Convenience and Ease

The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and rescheduling due to that can be a nuisance. A studio session is immune to these concerns. You can book your session without worry, knowing that your plans will proceed, rain or shine. This scheduling certainty is a significant boon for those couples with tight pre-wedding agendas.


If after reading these five reasons, you’re on the fence about having a studio engagement session, but want to be convinced, then keep scrolling. Today’s gallery is a glimpse into how your images can turn out after having a studio engagement session. 😍




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