24 Oct


Families Through my Camera Lens

As a family photographer, I get the privilege of watching a family grow through my camera lens. I’ve witnessed some of the most heartwarming moments in the lives of the families I work with. With each click, I capture not just an image, but a memory, an emotion, and a tiny slice of history. As years roll on, these families transform in front of my lens, and each session narrates a new chapter in their ever-evolving story.

The fleeting moments of a toddler’s infectious laughter, the delicate bond between siblings, the tender glances exchanged by partners who’ve weathered life’s storms together — I’ve seen and captured it all. And while life’s candid moments are beautiful in their spontaneity, (I hope you’re finding that out with the October photo challenge!) there’s a unique charm and significance to family portraits. 

So here are four compelling reasons why scheduling these sessions is a good idea



1. A Deliberate Pause in the Rush of Life

In the whirlwind of daily life, with its routines, challenges, and constant motion, we often forget to pause and truly see each other. Scheduling a family portrait is akin to pressing the ‘pause’ button. It’s an opportunity for the family to come together, to reconnect, and to celebrate the bond they share. It’s a deliberate and collective breath amidst the chaos, a space where time momentarily stands still.


2. Chronicle of Growth and Transformation

Children grow up in the blink of an eye. One day they’re taking their first steps, and the next, they’re off to college. Regular family portraits act as milestones, chronicling the growth, changes, and transitions in a family’s journey. Looking back at these pictures, you can trace the evolution of each family member – the baby who transformed into a young adult, the parents who gracefully embraced the silver in their hair. These portraits are visual chapters in the family’s ever-evolving saga.


3. A Testament to Resilience and Togetherness

Life is not without its ups and downs. Families go through their share of joys, challenges, achievements, and setbacks. A scheduled family portrait is a testament to the family’s resilience. It’s a declaration that says, “No matter what we face, we face it together.” The tight embraces, the interlaced fingers, and the united front that families present in these portraits are a powerful reminder of their unbreakable bond.


4. Legacy for Future Generations

Family portraits are more than just photographs; they’re heirlooms. They are stories waiting to be told to future generations. Imagine the wonder in a child’s eyes as they look at a portrait of their grandparents, young and in love. Or the curiosity with which they trace the resemblance between their young parents and themselves. These portraits are bridges that connect generations, fostering a sense of belonging and roots.


Watching families through my camera lens

Behind my camera, I’ve had the honor of witnessing countless such moments. There’s the young couple, nervously cradling their newborn, their faces a mix of exhaustion and elation. Fast forward a few years, and they’re chasing a bubbly toddler around, their initial nervousness replaced by confident parental amusement. Another leap in time, and the same couple, now slightly grayed, stand proudly with their grown-up children, the cycle of life coming full circle.

But it’s not just the monumental shifts that are noteworthy. It’s also the subtle nuances. The way a father’s eyes soften when he looks at his daughter, the way a mother’s hands instinctively find their way around her son, the secret codes and inside jokes that siblings share. These nuances, often overlooked in daily life, shine brightly in family portraits, forever etched in time.

While the world around us constantly changes and evolves, the essence of family remains a steadfast anchor. And there’s no better way to honor, celebrate, and immortalize this essence than through family portraits. So, if you’ve been considering scheduling a family session, I urge you to take the leap. Allow me the honor of capturing your family life in every season. Because these moments, once gone, can only be revisited through the memories we create today.


I’ve had the immense pleasure of watching many families grow every year, and the Capone family is just one of them. I was blessed to be able to capture their engagement (you can read all about that here) and their wedding (fall in love with those images here), and now I get to capture their little family! Browse through these images of the past three years to see how their little one keeps growing! 

Paniz and Joey, thank you for letting me capture you through the years…




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