17 Oct


California Beach Bridals

Taylor and Nick’s California beach bridals are some of my absolute favorites. They’ll be celebrating their second anniversary this month so I decided it’s about time I shared them! 

But before I do, I thought I’d share five tips on capturing the perfect beach bridals!




5 Tips for Perfect Beach Bridals


Tip #1: Timing is everything.

Remember those beautiful pastel hues and soft lightings in beach photos? That’s the magic of the golden hour – an hour before sunset. Not only does it give the photos a warm, dreamy glow, but it also prevents the harsh shadows caused by midday sun.


Tip #2: Embrace the wind.

Let’s face it, a breezy beach is as common as seagulls stealing fries. Instead of fighting it, use it to your advantage for beach bridals! Capture the bride’s veil or dress flowing in the wind for that ethereal look. But a quick tip: always carry some hairpins and hair spray for those stray flyaways.


Tip #3: Check the tides. 

You don’t want the couple to be swept away by a surprise wave (although it might make for a great candid!). Check the tide schedule. A receding tide can expose beautiful textures on the sand, and fewer waves mean serene sea backgrounds.


Tip #4: Gear up, but tread lightly.

Salt, sand, and electronics are as compatible as cats and water. Always have a protective bag or cover for your gear. Carry a brush to wipe off sand and avoid changing lenses when you’re directly on the beach. And remember, those fancy shoes might look good but are no match for beach sand. Opt for comfortable shoes or go barefoot!


Tip #5: Scout locations. 

Beaches are vast, and not every spot is photo-worthy. Make sure you scout the location a day or two ahead. Look for unique elements – like an interesting rock formation, a lonely pier, or a secluded sand dune. These will not only act as great backdrops but also add a story to the portraits.

Bonus tip for the brides and grooms getting beach bridals – have fun! You chose this location for a reason, so make sure you take it all in and enjoy this time with the two of you.


Okay, now for some beach bridals inspiration, here are Nick and Taylor’s gallery. 😍


California Beach Bridals




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