30 Oct


Jordan Pines Neutral Fall Family Session

Last year I captured the VanWagenen’s in a beautiful Jordan Pines neutral fall family session. One of the best things about Autumn is the colors, but I also love when families opt for a neutral color palette and let the foliage be the color. Fall foliage in Utah is always breathtaking and one of my absolute favorite places to capture family portraits is Jordan Pines.





Why Choose Jordan Pines?

Jordan Pines in Utah transforms during fall, presenting itself as an idyllic backdrop for family photos. The area, nestled in the serene Big Cottonwood Canyon, is renowned for its dense forests of pine trees and aspen groves that turn a brilliant shade of yellow when autumn arrives. The contrasting green of the pines and the vivid yellows and oranges of the aspens create a stunning, natural mosaic that’s perfect for capturing timeless family moments.

The gentle slopes of the terrain offer easy access to a variety of picturesque settings, allowing families to find that perfect spot with ease. The open meadows are sprinkled with wildflowers that linger from summer, adding pops of color to your photographs. The clear mountain air and soft, diffused light of fall in Jordan Pines enhance the natural beauty of any photo, providing a soft and flattering ambiance. Families can also take advantage of the rustic wooden fences and winding paths, which add an element of charm.

With its unparalleled natural beauty and tranquil setting, Jordan Pines stands out as a premier destination for creating cherished family memories through photography during the fall season.


Jordan Pines Neutral Fall Family Session




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