01 Nov


Milestones Over the Years

Getting to capture my families’ milestones over the years is one of my favorite parts of my job. Watching the sweet exciting love of their engagement session, the happy tears on their wedding day, and then the awe of welcoming the littlest member of their family is humbling. And it’s something that I’ve been able to do since 2018 with the Zee family.

Erica and I just clicked on our initial phone call, before I ever met her in person (she lives in New Jersey). And then when I captured her and Doug’s engagement session on November 1, 2018, the rest was history! I captured their wedding the following year, and then their newborn session with Levi, and then again when they became a family of four. There’s something so special about being invited and trusted with their precious lifetime memories year after year, and it’s something I’ll never take for granted. 

It has been the biggest blessing, getting to connect with people that I probably would not have had the chance to meet otherwise, and watch as they become husband and wife, and then parents and getting to watch their little ones grow up. It seems as though it all happens in the blink of an eye, and I’m grateful these families choose me to capture these milestones over the years for them.

Before you scroll through their milestones over the years, here’s why you should invest in getting those milestones captured…




Why capture milestones over the years?

Photographs have the incredible power to freeze moments in time, to preserve the emotions and feelings of a particular chapter in your life. These milestones are fleeting, and in the blink of an eye, they have passed. By capturing these moments, you are creating a visual legacy, a tangible reminder of your journey together as a couple and as a family. They tell the story of your love, your growth, and the deep bonds that you share. They are a testament to the journey you’ve taken, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the immense love that has grown and flourished through it all.

When you look back on these milestones over the years, you’ll be transported back to these moments, feeling the rush of emotions all over again. The joy of your engagement, the solemnity of your wedding vows, and the overwhelming love of becoming a family when your little one enters. These are the moments that shape you, that tell the story of your life.

In a world that is constantly moving, these sessions provide a moment to pause, to celebrate, and to reflect. They are an investment in your history, in preserving the love and the moments that are all too fleeting.


Zee Family Milestones Over the Years Gallery



Looking for a photographer to capture your family through the years? Whether you’re a Utah local or live in Southern California or New Jersey, I travel to freeze these milestones over the years for you. Click the image below to chat more with me and head to IG to browse more galleries > @brookebakken