21 Feb

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Must-Have Wedding Details to Photograph

Whether you are a bride or a photographer, this list of must-have wedding details to photograph is for YOU!

As a photographer, I want to make sure that all the little details that make your wedding day so unique are captured just as much as your first kiss, first dance, and those stunning sunset portraits of you as husband and wife. 😍 Too often I hear of brides saying they wish they would have taken the time to take it all in, or at least captured some of the details before everything starts going.

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Detail #1

The first on this list of must-have wedding details to photograph is kinda obvious:  THE RINGS! 💍 But not just the rings– the wedding bands and the ring boxes. Whether you decide to keep the boxes after the day is over, or toss them (it’s totally your choice), just make sure they’re present for the photographs! 

Pro tip for brides: Get your rings cleaned a few days before the wedding day. That way your ring will be extra shiny in all your images! 


Wedding Detail #2

The second detail shot that is a must-have to photograph is the dress on its own. Clearly it’s not the same as you wearing the dress, but I promise you, you’re going to want that photo.

Pro tip: there are so many cute hangers that you can have custom to your married last name or even ones that simply say “Bride” on them and it adds that extra touch to the dress images.



Wedding Detail #3

Jewelry, like hairpieces, earrings, bracelets, family heirlooms, etc., is another must have wedding detail to photograph. Even if it’s your “something new”, capturing the pieces that you are going to wear as you get married is definitely worth it. 


Wedding Detail #4

I’m going to start this next must-have wedding detail to photograph off with the pro-tip, buy a brand new perfume scent that you will wear for the first time on your wedding day. Any time you smell it after that, it’ll take you back. 🥰  

Plus, having a full bottle for your details shots doesn’t hurt! 



Wedding Detail #5

Your vow books is another must-have wedding detail I like to photograph. And I love doing a shot of the vow books with the rings. There’s just something super special about what that particular detail shot stands for.


Wedding Detail #6

You’ve spent so much time picking out your flowers that it’s made my must-have wedding details to photograph list. The bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere will definitely be photographed alone but they make nice touches when taking pictures with all your other details.

Pro tip for brides: Ask your florist for the remaining stems of your floral decor to include them in your wedding flatlays! 



Wedding Detail #7


With so many things going digital, I’m so glad that wedding invitation suites are still being used. An invitation suite includes your invitation, envelope with stamps, and your RSVP card. Make sure you have two readily available– just in case something happens to one of them. 

Pro tip for brides- have the envelope addressed, but use an address that is public. Some couples like to put the address of their first date or where they got engaged. Typically photographers will post these on their social media, so make sure that it’s an address that can be shared!

Along with the invitation suite, make sure to include any other paper stationery you have that is about your day. Save the dates, wedding programs, get to know the wedding party inserts– I want it all! 



Wedding Detail #8

The last thing on my must-have wedding details to photograph list is any sentimental items you may have with you on your wedding day. This could be grandpa’s pocket watch, grandma’s pearls, a photograph that you keep close. These details are so important to capture along with everything else.



And that’s my list! If you’re a photographer, do you have something else to add that you want to share? If you’re already married, was there a details photograph that you wish your photographer would have captured or one that they did that you are so glad they made a point to get? I’d love to know!






Love the details I’ve captured and want to chat more about having me capture yours? Let’s do it!



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