14 Jan


New Year…Who Dis?

It’s been a long time coming and I am finally HERE to say: 2019 IS MY YEAR! The year I stop dreaming, planning, scheming, hoping, wishing, brainstorming and START DOING! This is my action year…so sit down, and hold on tight peeps, because we are doing’ the damn thang!

First things first, I will be blogging, I will be sending out a monthly newsletter (so if you haven’t signed up…DO IT HERE!!), I will be entering the world of educating (and if you want to be the first to know about this…seriously sign up for the newsletter!), I will be allowing myself to be vulnerable and transparent. I will be sharing more than just pretty sessions and gorgeous weddings. We are getting real, raw and nothing is off limits!

I wanted to start off the new year with unveiling my BRAND NEW PROMO VIDEO!! The last one was super outdated (I mean Charlee was a baby and Blaine was missing completely!). While I still LOVED it (which is why I didn’t update it for the longest time) my business has evolved, I have evolved and it was time to “Upgrade ME”.

So ladies and gentlemen….here it is! Also…FYI KALE FITCH is a GENIUS and I always LOVE everything he creates! So grateful for his hard work.


Now just a little sneak peek of some behind the scenes of what we shot!



I love my sessions to be fun, genuine, unique and I want each and every client or family to leave feeling like they made a new BFF! When you see your images I want you to remember how you felt in that moment, I want you to feel the love that you have for either your family or your spouse, I want you to leave knowing we captured just a small glimpse into the legacy you are creating and I want you to leave knowing that we NAILED it! Regardless if that means, we captured your toddler in full on meltdown mode (because let’s be honest that’s bound to happen because it’s real life and toddlers are unpredictable!) OR we capture the moment your man whispers what his favorite body part of yours is into your ear in his sexiest voice and it makes you blush! Don’t worry, sit back, relax and know that whatever we capture will be real, authentic and a whole lot of fun!!