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12 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Choosing the right person to capture your big day is a huge feat, and I want to help make sure you choose the right one – if it’s not me of course! 😉 I’m sharing with you 12 questions to ask your photographer that will make crossing that “finding a photographer” task a super simple thing to do.

You can get to know how a photographer works by asking them questions about how they plan to capture your day. I’ll be sharing my answers to each of these questions, so you can get to know me a little too, and see if we would be a great fit! 🙂



12 Questions to Ask Your Photographer


01: Will you be the one who will capture my wedding? If not, can I meet the photographer who will be on-site?

Knowing who will be the one capturing your wedding is so important because when you are comfortable with them, you’ll relax more in front of the camera. It’s probably the most important of the questions to ask your photographer because you don’t want to be surprised!

If you book with me, I will be the photographer showing up at your wedding! If I am booked on your wedding day, but you love my editing (umm, thank you and ILY) I do offer associate photographers who will capture your day and then deliver all the images to me so I can edit them. And obviously, yes you can meet them before your big day!


02: Do you often capture weddings that have similar size and style to the one that we are planning?

Finding out that your photographer has only ever captured intimate ceremonies before your 200 guest one is definitely something you should know ahead of time because they may not know the best way to capture a wedding of a different size.

I have captured elopements, small intimate ceremonies, parties of 400 (yup FOUR HUNDRED) guests, and everything in between. I am confident that I will be able to capture your wedding day with memories to cherish forever.


03: Have you previously captured a wedding at this venue before?

Just like it’s important to know if your photographer has captured a similar size wedding, it’s also important to ask if they’ve been to your venue before. If they have, they will know all the best spots for a first look, portraits, how the light comes through, and so many other minor details.

If I haven’t been to your venue before, I show up a few hours before I meet with you so that I can scope out all the things. I’m also confident in my ability to find the good light and just how to capture you with the lighting that is present.


04: Do you travel? What are your travel fees?

It would be such a bummer if you found a photographer you really love, but they don’t travel or their travel fees are a little out of your budget. So making sure that this is on your list of questions to ask your photographer at the very beginning is such an important thing to do.

HECK YES I travel! Though I’m a Utah based photographer, I’ve done weddings all over the United States, from the West Coast (view this OC wedding here) to the East Coast (view this Philadelphia wedding here) to everything in between! I’ve also traveled INTERNATIONALLY (view this ITALY wedding)!

Travel fees are going to vary depending on where your wedding is being held obviously, but the fees will cover: flight and/or gas, lodging, and transportation. No surprises!


05: Do you include engagement photos in your packages? What about pre-wedding events like rehearsal dinners?

From personal experience, you are simply more comfortable when you have already worked with someone before your big day– and that translates into the images that are captured. Making sure that this is on your list of questions to ask your photographer, can help you make a decision when it comes to booking your photographer.

As for me, all my packages include an engagement session because that’s where I get to know you as a couple and see how you are in front of the camera. It’s also the time for you to see how I work! Come wedding day, we’ll both know what to expect and I can capture the best images for you to cherish. If you wanted the rehearsal dinner or any pre-wedding events captured, we can definitely add that in!


06: Are your packages customizable?

Every wedding and couple is different and their needs are going to be unique. So making sure that you can customize a package to fit your needs is another thing you can ask your photographer.

ABSOLUTELY YES! I have three standard packages that most couples fit into, but if you are looking for something completely customizable, then just reach out and we can design something just for you!


07: Do you have a backup plan in place?

Imagine something catastrophic happens to your photographer before your big day and there was no backup plan in place – you would be scrambling to find a photographer last minute which could be costly and/or not what you’ve been dreaming of. Confirming that your photographer has a backup plan is the best thing you can do!

I always have a backup plan in place. If something happens to flights or a family emergency comes up, I have photographer friends all over the world so you will still have someone show up. Even better, I have the utmost confidence in their abilities to give you a similar experience that I would have delivered.


08: Do you help create the timeline for our wedding?

Why is this important? As photographers, we know all about lighting and how much time we get to capture those shots you’ve been pinning for the last 6+ months. When we help create the timeline, we are maximizing the time for as many photos for you as we can get.

So, I absolutely LOVE when a bride and groom ask me to help create their timeline– whether it’s with a first look or without. Additionally, I have TWO wedding timelines that you can get for free! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the link to this valuable download.


09: What is the booking process like?

Knowing what to expect when you’re choosing your photographer can help put your mind at ease. So asking what their process is like when it comes to booking, will help you get a feel for how they are.

My booking process after meeting with me looks like signing the contract and putting down a 25% deposit to block that date on my calendar!


10: Can we request a list of specific images?

Most photographers will have a standard image list, but sometimes you have a unique situation which will require certain images. Asking your photographer if you can request specific shots will let them know what is a priority for you!

I definitely let my brides and grooms send me all their inspiration and specific requests, I want to know what YOU LOVE. I also caution them that since their day is unique, the images may not turn out exactly like the ones they’ve pinned. But I do promise that I will do my best to capture images and styles that you LOVE and that are YOU.


11: What do you need from me before the big day?

Asking the photographer for a list of things they will need from you before they show up, means that you can breathe easy on the day of! These things can range from the wedding coordinator’s number to making sure that your rings get cleaned a couple days before your wedding so they’re nice and shiny.

I always send my brides and grooms a questionnaire for all the little details, we go over their timeline, and I get the coordinator’s number. I like making sure that we are all on the same page.


12: I want an exit, but my venue doesn’t allow one. What can we do?

I’ve gotten a variation of this question several times over the years so I wanted to wrap up this blog post with it. Some venues don’t allow sparkler exits, or maybe there isn’t enough “room” for an exit, or sometimes you just want to party the night away, but you still want something that is a “last photo” kinda moment. My favorite thing to do in these situations is a group dance floor photo. Everyone grabs a drink and heads to the dance floor and we capture that exit type of moment. Definitely make sure that this is on your list of questions to ask your photographer so you can be prepared!


And that’s a wrap! I hope these 12 questions to ask your photographer help you find just the right one for you on your big day! If you are interested in booking me for your wedding, I would LOVE to chat more with you! Click here so we can start talking, and if you have any more questions for me– let me know in the comments below!







Are you a bride-to-be? If so, I created the perfect wedding timeline and would love for you to grab a copy while you’re here! Click the image below to get it!


Free Wedding Day Timeline