11 Jun


The Ultimate Engagement Guide

The Ultimate Engagement Guide

Today on the blog, I’m giving you the inside scoop to the ultimate engagement guide- mine! This extensive, 44-page guide will lighten your stress load and help you have the best engagement session ever. And did I mention it’s FREE!?! If you’re engaged or know someone who is, be sure to grab your copy and/or share away!


About the Guide

Unless you’re a model by profession, the idea of preparing for your engagements and being in front of the camera for a few hours is probably all kinds of weird and/or scary for you.

The good news? Preparing for your engagements doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, if you’re anything like me, preparation and lots of insight into what you can expect go a long way to shake those nerves.

My engagement shoot preparation guide is a work of pure love, written and tweaked over many months. It’s meant to be a living, breathing document – constantly being improved upon to help make the weeks and days leading up to your engagement session as stress-free as possible. You’ve got enough going on and this is meant to be a joyous time of planning, anticipation, and dreams for your future! I’m here – and this guide is here – to ensure you are able to focus on the things that matter.

What We’ll Cover


No, but really- my engagement guide will provide you with everything you need to know and more! In it, you will find:

-A complete list of everything to do before your engagement session!
-Location logistics (you want the perfect spot, right?!)
-What to wear (because I know the struggle is REAL!)
-What to bring (don’t forget your hairbrush!)
-Tips, tricks and ideas
-Approximate start times for each season of the year
– LOTS of outfit & location inspiration

I mean it when I say this engagement guide covers EVERYTHING. Forty-four pages of free information? Yes, please!

Prepare for Your Engagements Today

What are you waiting for girlfriend?! Prepare for your engagements today with a FREE copy of my Engagement Style + Prep Guide. Get It here!

If you have any other questions regarding your engagement session, be sure to get in touch! I am happy to help you however I can!!

Enjoy! <3