06 Jun

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Top Five Things I Wish We Knew As Newlyweds

Michael and I are celebrating 14 years together today and I wanted to share the top five things I wish we knew as newlyweds because, well, they’re helpful! 😉 So, if you’re about to get married, or you just got married, or if you’ve been married a decade, pull up a seat!





Top Five Things I Wish We Knew As Newlyweds


ONE – Keep dating. Even when life gets busy, because it will  get busy and crazy, make time for one another. You will need it to stay connected to each other. 

TWO – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes it will feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages. There is no shame in seeking help to navigate marriage and anything new for the both of you. This is why people always say, “marriage takes work”, it absolutely does. 

THREE – Be patient and flexible. That’s what Michael said he would have told himself 14 years ago as a newlywed. He also said, if you can’t be those two things– maybe marriage isn’t for you. Just sayin’. 

FOUR – Learn to say sorry and forgive– A LOT.  There is no perfect partner, so choosing to give grace and the benefit of the doubt to your partner is the best thing you can do. Be willing to be a partner that doesn’t give up on one another.

FIVE – Know your partner’s love language and your own. How the two of you receive love is one of the biggest things you can know for one another. Be willing to put in the work if your partner receives love or gives love differently than you do. It may be out of your comfort zone, but it will mean so much to your partner.


There is so much more that I could say because there is always something new to learn as you navigate life with your partner. But for now, I hope these top five things I wish we knew as newlyweds help you! 


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