02 Jun


Tibble Fork Reservoir First Look Photos

If you’re looking for an absolutely stunning place in Utah for your first look photos, Tibble Fork Reservoir is the perfect location. I took Kelley and Mica’s formals session here, and as you scroll through their gallery, I can almost guarantee you’ll see exactly why Tibble Fork Reservoir first look photos are breathtaking. 

But, before I share those images, let me tell you a little bit about Kelley and Mica! 





I have known Mica since she was 11 years old. After college and I couldn’t play soccer anymore because of my knees, my husband encouraged me to start coaching, and that’s where I met Mica. She was an absolute baller on the soccer field. Her family was also one of the first families I started photographing when I started my business. So I have had the immense pleasure of watching her grow up through the years, through my lens, and was ecstatic that they chose me to photograph this life moment.  Even though I can’t believe she’s old enough to get married, I can see just how much Kelley makes her happy and since she’s the most amazing person I know inside and out, I’m so very excited for the two of them.


Kelley and Mica’s Story

Kelley and Mica were coworkers at Primary Children’s when they met. When I asked them what the first thing they remembered about one another was, Kelley told me that she thought Mica wore a different pair of sneakers everyday and she thought she was just the coolest. Meanwhile, Mica said the first thing she remembers is seeing Kelley at work with a diet coke and playing candy crush. 

Their first date was a picnic on the Capitol grass– insert all the heart eyes for a romantic picnic, right?! Kelley loves Mica’s sense of humor and her genuine kindness to everyone and Mica appreciates how caring and patient she is with her.

Kelley knew immediately when meeting “Meeks” that she was different and just knew that she needed her in her life. “She’s my human, and I’m so lucky”. When Mica realized she didn’t want to live with anyone else and wanted to spend everyday with Kelley, she had to propose. 

So they went to the steps outside the first place they lived together, the same steps where they finally admitted their true feelings for one another and had multiple deep talks about everything, Mica proposed to Kelley. Those steps to Mica and Kelley and Mica are iconic.

Kelley and Mica will be tying the knot TOMORROW, (Saturday, June 3, 2023) at Cedar Hills Golf Club, and I just know that it’s going to be such a fun time. 

Kelley and Mica, thank you for letting me capture these beautiful Tibble Fork Reservoir first look photos for you; I can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!


Tibble Fork Reservoir First Look Photos





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