26 Jan


2023 Utah Valley Bride Magazine Spread

Being a part of the Utah Valley Bride Magazine collaborative photoshoot is one of my favorite things. Spending the day with all the different vendors bringing their stunning gowns and beautiful floral arrangements, and just all the things to make the images, well magazine worthy. 😉 Scroll to the end of the post for all the beautiful inspo! 

As a photographer, you have your own style, but it’s always fun to watch other photographers doing what they love and sometimes it gives the best inspiration. While it’s easy to slip into competition with others, here are five reasons why collaborating is the better way to go! 


1. Enhanced Creativity and Diversity of Ideas

When minds come together, the pool of ideas grows exponentially. Each collaborator brings their unique perspective, background, and skills to the table. This diversity leads to a fusion of ideas that might never have occurred in isolation. A stylist might suggest an unconventional prop that inspires the photographer to experiment with a new composition, or a model might introduce a fresh pose that perfectly captures the theme. This collective brainstorming can push creative boundaries and result in a more dynamic and compelling final product.

2. Opportunity for Skill Enhancement and Learning

Collaboration is a two-way street of learning and skill enhancement. Photographers can learn about the latest styling trends, while stylists can gain insights into the technical aspects of photography. Models can pick up tips on how to interact with the camera and the creative team. This shared learning experience enriches each participant, contributing to their professional growth and versatility.

3. Improved Problem-Solving Abilities

Two heads are better than one, and in a collaborative shoot, it’s often many heads working together to solve problems. Whether it’s tackling lighting challenges, managing time constraints, or adapting to unexpected weather conditions, a collaborative team can brainstorm solutions more effectively. This collective problem-solving approach not only smoothens the shoot process but also encourages a supportive work environment.

4. Networking and Building Professional Relationships

Styled photography shoots are excellent opportunities for networking. Collaborators from various fields come together, opening doors for future projects and referrals. Building a network of reliable and talented professionals is invaluable in the photography industry, where word of mouth and professional connections can significantly impact one’s career trajectory.

5. Greater Efficiency and Productivity

When a team collaborates, tasks can be delegated based on each member’s strengths, leading to a more efficient workflow. This organization minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. For instance, while the photographer sets up the lighting, the stylist can work on the final touches of the outfit, ensuring that the shoot progresses smoothly and efficiently.


At the end of the day, collaborating with other photographers and vendors is a really fun way to capture images for your portfolio and learn from others in the industry. You can never go wrong with community over competition.