12 Oct


5 Reasons for Black and White Family Portraits

I’m all about the color when it comes to taking photos- but there’s something extra special about black and white family portraits. And while you can be certain that I’m going to chase the right light to capture your session, here are five reasons you should ask your photographer to edit some of your portraits in black and white.




5 Reasons for Black and White Family Portraits


They’re Timeless 

Truly though, black and white family portraits just seem to transcend timeless. When you see a black and white portrait or landscape, it feels both nostalgic and perpetually modern. It’s a bridge between the past, present, and future. You immediately add a timeless quality that can’t be replicated with color. Decades from now, your images will still carry that old-world charm.


Overcome Lighting Issues

Not every photograph is taken under optimal lighting conditions. Sometimes, the natural light is too harsh or perhaps too dim. Colors may appear washed out or overly saturated. Black and white edits can often rescue such images, turning potential lighting flaws into dramatic highlights and shadows. Black and white portraits are more forgiving, transforming a ‘meh’ shot into a ‘wow’ shot.


Minimizes Distractions

In color photography, an unexpected bright color can draw the eye away from the subject. A red car in the background or a brightly colored billboard can detract from your main focus. Black and white can often neutralize these distractions, ensuring that your primary subject commands attention.


Picture Perfect

Black and white has a unique way of capturing the soul of a person. It can emphasize emotions, highlight facial features, and remove the distractions of colorful clothing or backgrounds. Black and white portraits also help reduce skin blemishes, slight redness, even uneven tan lines! The result is a raw, genuine portrayal of a person. 


Avoid Seasons

Last, but certainly not the least, getting black and white family portraits allow you to avoid the seasons. Most of the time my families get the photos taken during the Fall for Christmas cards, and so the colors in the background, or even their outfits won’t always match their home decor. With a black and white edit, you can hang these images in your home and not worry about clashing in different seasons! 


If those five reasons weren’t enough to convince you to get yourself some black and white family portraits, then scroll through Colleen and John’s family photo session! The colored portraits are absolutely beautiful but you’ll see the black and white portraits have their appeal as well! Truly a nostalgic moment captured in time. 


Black and White Family Portraits Gallery





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