11 Oct


Classy New Jersey October Wedding

Kelli Ann and Zack got married a year ago in a BEAUTIFUL, classy New Jersey October wedding. And yes, it’s been a whole year before I got to blog it, but hey– that’s life right?! So on their one year anniversary, I’m sharing all about their day and simply gushing over them because they are two pretty amazing humans!





How we met

I know typically I’m supposed to share how the bride and groom met, but I’m sharing how I met the bride and groom! I was the photographer a wedding in Jamaica where Kelli and Zack were attending, and they quickly became two of my favorite people there. They were so fun to be around and friendly– we just clicked.

Kelli and Zack were newly engaged and after arriving home, I received a message from Kelli about dates so I could be the photographer for their wedding. 🥰


The October Wedding

As a photographer, and someone who wants nothing but the best for their friends, their wedding was absolutely perfect. From the details, to the timeline, to the weather– everything about October 9, 2022 was ideal.

Kelli had a timeline that gave ample time for capturing detail shots (which was great because her details were absolutely STUNNING), portraits, the first look/private vows, and getting ready photos. So I can’t stress enough, just how important a wedding timeline is!

Another thing that I was so grateful for was creative reign! Kelli and Zack trusted me and my photographer’s eye to capture they most stunning images of their day– even if it wasn’t in some of the “popular” photo spots.

I could go on forever about this classy New Jersey October wedding, full of people who were so excited to be there to show their love and support for this amazing couple. But, I’d rather let you browse their gallery and feel like you were there yourself!

Before that though, to Kelli and Zack — happy first wedding anniversary! 🥂 This first year was full of some ups and downs but I know that it made you stronger together.


Classy New Jersey October Wedding



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