16 May

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8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Photo Location

Choosing the right location for your photo session is crucial to set the tone and capture the desired look for your images. Here are 8 tips for choosing the perfect photo location, regardless if it’s an engagement session, family session, or senior session, or formals! Ready? Let’s dive in! 





8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Photo Location


Tip #1 – Determine your vision. 

Start by defining the look and feel you want for your photos. Do you prefer a natural outdoor setting? Or maybe an urban landscape? Maybe you really like the look and feel of an indoor studio (don’t knock it, there are STUNNING images I’ve captured inside a studio!). Think about the overall aesthetic and mood that you want your images to convey. Pro tip: This is where Pinterest comes in for the win! Browse through the images that are on there for inspo and see what you’re drawn to the most! 


Tip #2 – Consider your interests and style. 

Choose a location that aligns, not only with the vibe you want to give, but with what aligns to your personal style and interests. If you love the outdoors, consider a park or garden, the beach or even the countryside. If you have a vibrant and urban taste, then downtown, city streets, graffiti walls could be exactly what you’re looking for. Even architectural landmarks might be suitable for that urban vibe. Your location should reflect your personality and resonate with you, you and your significant other, or the whole fam!


Tip #3 – Think about the seasons.

Take into account the season you are capturing your photos and how it can influence your location choice. Different seasons offer unique natural elements and colors. For example, cherry blossoms for spring, golden leaves in the autumn, or the snowy landscapes winter has to offer. Consider which season enhances the overall vision you desire.


Tip #4 – Consider the logistical aspects. 

Depending on those involved in the shoot, evaluate the practical aspects of the location. If you are having a generational family session, is it easily accessible for the grandparents and great grandparents? Will there be any restrictions or permits required? Consider factors such as parking availability, admission fees, and any rules or regulations for photography in the area.

Pro tip: If your photographer is local, they should be able to help in this area… but more on that later! 😉 


Tip #5 – Lighting conditions. 

I don’t know if you know this, but lighting plays a significant role in photography. If shooting outdoors, think about the time of day and how the location interacts with natural light. Early mornings and late afternoons often offer softer and more flattering light. This is definitely something you can chat with your photographer about because they can provide valuable insight and recommendations to you!


Tip #6 – Personal significance. 

The personal significance of a location is definitely something you should pay attention to as an engaged couple. But you can also consider locations that hold sentimental value for your family if you’re planning a family session. It could be a place where there were significant life events, where you met, or somewhere that has an emotional meaning to you. Choosing a location with personal significance can add an extra layer of depth and connection to your photos.


Tip #7 – Seek Inspiration.

Open up that Pinterest app! Look for inspo from others’ photos, or even browse your photographer’s portfolio. Browse through different location tags on Instagram to get ideas and see what resonates with you the most. Save the images that inspire you and share them with your photographer to help them understand your preferences.


Tip #8 – Consult with your photographer.

Here’s the real top tip- your photographer is an expert in capturing beautiful images and can offer you valuable suggestions based on their own experiences. So talk to them. Discuss your vision, preferences, and ideas with them. They may have locations in mind that suit your desired style or can recommend options that you may not have considered!


TLDR? Let’s recap the 8 tips for choosing the perfect photo location! Remember that the location should complement your overall vision and help tell your story. It’s important to choose a place where you feel comfortable and can authentically express yourself. Collaborating with your photographer and communicating your preferences will lead to selecting a location that enhances your photos and creates beautiful memories! 


See, that’s all there is to it! 😉 Now, if you’re trying to find your perfect match photographer, well, let’s just say I’d love to chat more with you! Come join me on Instagram or contact me by clicking the image below!