21 Mar


Groom Getting Ready Portraits

When we think of weddings we immediately think of all things BRIDE and we have a tendency to forget that there’s a groom that is a big part of this day. While a lot of the times, photographers focus on the bride and her girls getting ready, we cannot forget to capture the moments leading up to the ceremony of the groom getting ready. To be fair, you can capture a lot more emotional and sweet moments with the bride and the bridesmaids, but there are definitely some groom getting ready portraits that are a must, and I’m sharing those with you today!


The BB Groom Getting Ready Portrait List


First up on the BB Groom getting ready portrait list is the groom fixing his tie or bowtie. Similar to how you want to capture putting her necklace or earrings on, this gives you the chance to capture up close the details of his tie/bowtie.




Next on the BB Groom Getting ready portrait list is buttoning his vest or jacket. It’s the details that matter, the steps that he did to get ready to walk down the aisle.



The third image you want to capture is of the groom tying his shoes.  This one is great for the grooms that are nervous in front of the camera, or just because it’s their WEDDING DAY! It takes the focus off of them for a minute, but again captures the minute details of the day.



Last on the BB groom getting ready portrait list is making sure that you catch the groom adjusting his suit jacket. This is like the final touch, the, “I’m all ready to go and meet my bride at the end of the aisle”. Swoon!



This is a bonus shot on the list of BB groom getting ready portrait list- the “Pre-Game Group Shot”. Whether you capture this before they’re all aisle ready, or after, this is a fun way to capture the groom and his groomsmen in a more relaxed environment. Sometimes these images are some of my favorite to get.



And that’s my list of groom getting ready portraits to take! It’s truly about focusing in on the little details when it comes to capturing these moments.


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Are you a bride-to-be? If so, I created the perfect wedding timeline to help not rush capturing your images and would love for you to grab a copy while you’re here! Click the image below to get it!

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