16 Mar


Best Year Round Utah Locations

After being in the photography business for over ten years, I can say with confidence that March is hands down the hardest (read: UGLIEST) month to shoot in Utah. Seriously, you can’t change my mind. Ever.

See, we’re still getting a TON of snow which would be great if what you are looking for is a wintery vibe; but most of my couples are wanting their engagement sessions or bridals to match when they’re getting married: SPRING. And Spring most definitely does not show up in March. The trees are still bare and everything is brown in the fields because it has not been warm enough to turn it green.

And for a photographer who LOVES the backdrop of  ALL the natural beauty Utah offers, literally every single other month of the year, March sessions are just HARD when it comes to the outdoors.

But Brooke, don’t you still offer and do sessions in March?

I do, thanks for asking! 😉  For my couples who want a session in March I suggest one of the four year round Utah locations that are a little different, but absolutely stunning!




Year Round Utah Locations #1: Inside a studio

I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t like JCPenney Portraits or “Portraits By Deb” (Thank you Napoleon Dynamite!).

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Studio portraits can allow for timeless, classic portraiture, and it can also give us an opportunity to escape mother nature! Whether it’s raining, snowing, windy or just plain ugly out…if we shoot in a studio…magic can STILL happen!!


Year Round Utah Locations #2: the Utah Capitol Building


The Utah Capitol building is another one of my favorite year round Utah locations. It is absolutely stunning and gorgeous to capture engagement or formal sessions at. You can’t really tell which season you’re in so it’s a great neutral background. The images always tend to give off a little bit of a “Classic” or “royal vibe” with the stone pillars and stairs. But who doesn’t want to look like royalty?? Even Kate Middleton could be jealous of these bad boys!

The capitol not only provides a neutral backdrop but it can also provide reprieve from nasty weather too! It gives Indoor AND outdoor options, which means we never have to reschedule or be nervous about Mother Nature getting the best of us.




Location Three for year round photos: The Salt Flats


I know you’ve seen some of these images on social media, and although it is a DRIVE to get there….every minute spent in the car is worth it to get the images you will see from here. There is no other place like it, and it is 100% UNIQUE!

The images from the Salt Flats speak for themselves. No matter if it’s a grey + windy day or a bright and sunny day….the vast space gives us plenty of room to shoot and be creative, without another soul in sight!




Year Round Utah Locations #4: Downtown


If you’re a couple who is looking for the downtown urban vibe, then capturing your engagement or bridals in March will be no problem. These are always so much fun to do, especially if it is special to your relationship!

You don’t need mountains, open fields of green or manicured gardens to make your session fun, unique and beautiful. You just need the two of you, a photographer that likes to have fun and knows where to find beautiful light!! When you mix the two….magic downtown happens!




I really hope I didn’t scare you off from capturing your session in March! Because, as you can see, there are plenty of other options for you, as long as you are open to something a little different than the Utah natural landscapes. And if you’re really hoping for the Utah Spring, then push it to April! I’ll be waiting!  😉




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