14 Mar

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Must-Have Wedding Photos

Calling all brides… and photographers! What images are on your must-have wedding photos list? Most photographers are going to have a standard image list of what they want to capture on a wedding day. Depending on the kind of photographer you decide to hire, will also decide the type of photos that they’ll capture. This is why it’s so important to chat with your photographer to make sure that their style is something you are looking for, but we’ll talk about that another time! 😉

While I do have a must-have wedding photos list, I also understand that all families are different and I give my brides and grooms the opportunity to send me all their inspiration and any specific requests for images. Because I can’t recreate circumstances, I can’t promise the exact same outcome, but I do promise to do my best to deliver something I know you’re going to LOVE.

Now back to my list! I shared my must-have wedding details to capture in this post, but this time around I wanted to share my absolute top must-have wedding photos. Feel free to add them to your list – whether you’re a photographer or a bride!


The BB List of Must-Have Wedding Photos

Bride getting ready  — Whether it’s capturing her hair and makeup being done, or slipping into her dress. Capturing these moments are so special.




Mother of the Bride helping bride — It is such a precious mother-daughter moment that you will definitely cherish.



A dramatic veil moment– Whether it’s the wind blowing the veil in a stunning bridal portrait, or covering the bride and groom for an intimate moment, a dramatic veil moment is a must have!




Bride with all her bridesmaids — Who runs the world? GIRLS! 😉 I mean, honestly though getting a group shot of the bride with all her girls on this special day is one you’ll definitely want!





Groom with all his groomsmen — I mean, what other time do the boys get to dress up like James Bond and get them all on camera?!



Groom waiting at the front — The anticipation is usually written all over their face, (yes, even with a first look!), the camaraderie between him and his best man is also a great moment to capture, and then of course, the moment he sees her 🥹… swoon!



Bride walking down with her escort — This one is two-fold, you’ll be able to capture the bride as she walks towards her groom, and the emotion on her face, but you’ll also get to capture the emotion on whoever is walking her down the aisle, her father, mother, grandfather, brother, etc. There’s just something special about that moment on film.



The first kiss — I mean, clearly this is a must-have wedding photo to capture, but I had to put it on the list!  😉



The newlyweds recessional — Honestly, the elation as they are walking down the aisle together as husband and wife is palpable. Oh! And make sure to be ready in case the bride and groom have a fun exit ready like a spin, a kiss, or a dip!




The first dance — Another, “well, duh” must have wedding photo that I had to make sure was on the list. This moment is such a sweet one.




Father/Daughter + Mother/Son Dance — Make sure you have some tissues handy, because these always tend to bring on all the tears.




The wedding exit — Whether it’s sparklers, bubbles, confetti, or any other fun exit, capturing this moment is always a favorite.



And that’s it, my list of must-have wedding photos to capture – or have your wedding photographer capture. 😉 I hope this helps you make your list easier!






Love my list of must-have wedding photos and the results and want to chat more about having me as your photographer? Let’s do it!


Are you a bride-to-be? If so, I created the perfect wedding timeline to help not rush capturing your images and would love for you to grab a copy while you’re here! Click the image below to get it!

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