09 May

Mini Sessions

Utah Mama Mini Sessions

Calling all mamas, and husbands who have no idea what to give your wife on Mother’s Day. 😉 I’m offering Utah Mama Mini Sessions this year, and I am so excited about it.  Before you scroll to see a few favorites from the 2022 Mama Mini sessions, I thought I’d give you three reasons you should book a mama mini session this year. 





As moms, we spend more time behind the camera than in front of it. And in the rare event someone is kind enough to offer to snap a photo of the whole family, it’s even more of a rarity that the image comes out the way you were envisioning, right?! 

So, what would happen if you had 20 minutes of a professional photographer snapping away some precious memories for you? Well, let’s just say you’d end up with a lot more than maybe one good photo! 


Three Reasons You Should Book a Mama Mini Session


  1. Ideal for small children. Mini sessions are ideal for kids because right as they’re getting tired or bored, the session is over! We’ll get quick, fun, and engaging photos that capture their personality for you to treasure, share, or print to hang on your wall! 
  2. Get beautiful, updated photos of you WITH your kids. They won’t be blurry (unless there’s a super cute trendy one of course), faces won’t be cut off, you’ll get special moments with each one of your kiddos, and they’ll be IG, Pinterest worthy and ready for that spot on the wall! 😍
  3. Have fun with your kids! As a mom you’re constantly looking out for, taking care of, disciplining, and worrying about your kids. With these mini sessions, you’ll get to have fun with them while I capture the laughter, the joy, and the love you have for those little humans.

Okay, are you sold on signing up for a Utah Mama Mini Session yet? If you’re not, keep scrolling for all the inspo, if you ARE, well still keep scrolling for all the inspo, but you can also click here to sign up!



Looking for a family session, let’s talk more about it!

There are so many moments you’re going to want to capture as your kids grow up and finding new and creative ways to can be a little difficult. But don’t worry, I’ve got you! I created a list of 30 fun and creative photos for you to take of your kids and am giving you that list for FREE! Just click the image below to get it sent straight to your inbox!