30 Dec


The Best of Brooke in 2019

I am thrilled to share “The Best of Brooke” with you today on the blog! The end of the year is already in sight and I can hardly believe it! Before we step into the start of a new decade, let’s take some time to celebrate the things we achieved within this decade and year, shall we? I’ll kick us off!

The Best of Brooke

You may or may not already know this but in November 2010, I SOLD my engagement ring to buy a camera.

Michael and I had been married for exactly a year when we welcomed our very sweet (and VERY unexpected) little boy, Brady.

My mom came to witness the birth of her first grandchild and you better believe we took a BAJILLION pictures once he arrived (that’s not an exact number…but pretty dang close). Before she came, she purchased a brand new DSLR and my love for beautiful photos met with a desire to have them of our newest addition.

As newlyweds with a newborn and NO extra money to spend, the hubs and I agreed it was the most logical thing to do in order for me to have my dream camera!

Once I got the camera in my hands, there was no looking back. And that is how Brooke Bakken Photography came to be!

A Special Thank You

The other day, I went to see what my top nine Instagram posts were for 2019. I was surprised to find out my top posts were not related to my work but instead who I am as a person- whether it’s business-related, momma related or a very realistic glimpse into my personal life. Because let’s be honest, this world needs more #realtalk and I’m more than happy to help fill the gap!

I am so grateful for each of you! To be able to have the opportunity to show up and share my heart’s passion with you all is a truly invaluable gift.

To all of my wonderful clients who I have had the privilege of serving from the very beginning of my business to now, Brooke Bakken Photography exists especially because of you! Thank you for allowing me to capture the moments that matter for you and your families.

2019 has been a beautiful and hard year. My greatest accomplishment from this year would have to be learning how to know my limit and when to ask for help. This year, I took the leap and outsourced some of my work to my AMAZING virtual assistant, Elle, and I am SO glad I did!! I am a major people pleaser and rarely say no in fear of disappointing or letting someone down. Allowing someone into my business so that I could grow it and let it thrive at the same time is 110% what I am most proud of!! In addition, having a cover issue of Utah Valley Bride Magazine for 2019 was THE perfect way to cap off the decade and such a fun way to look back at where I started compared to where I am at now!

I’ll be sharing my 2020 goals later this week, but in the meantime here are my “The Best of Brooke” blog posts of the year!! Enjoy! And Happy almost New Year!!

The Best of Brooke 2019

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