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Romance in Autumn | Fall Stylized Shoot {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Rich colors, romance and a beautiful couple all came together to make one heck of an evening! Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, and I was DYING to collaborate with so many amazing vendors to create such an unforgettable styled shoot! Each one of the vendors poured their hearts into this shoot and I am truly so obsessed with how everything came together!! Pulling off a styled shoot is no small task, but I think we all knocked it out of the park with this one!! I cannot thank everyone that came together enough for all their effort and vision to make this little dream of mine a success! I hope you are ready for some serious fall inspiration, because I couldn’t choose just one favorite!! But as you scroll, you will see why. We created MAGIC!!! (more…)

Heather + Jared | Married {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Fall was in the air, the sun was glowing, and everyone was so excited to cheer as these two lovebirds came out of the Salt Lake Temple as husband and wife! Heather and Jared are two of the most genuine, loving and passionate people I have the pleasure of knowing. Both families are so incredible and so thoughtful, so it’s no surprise that their wedding day was full of smiles and hugs. Everyone at the temple could not stop gushing over just how beautiful the bride looked, how fabulous the florals were (thanks to the amazing Calie Rose ) and just how lucky the groom was! :) And honestly who could blame them! Shortly after family formals, I was SO lucky to have a full hour for romantic portraits around the temple grounds with these two, and I took FULL advantage. I was so grateful to my 2nd shooter, Breanna McKendrick, for helping me and doubling up efforts too! Together, we make quite the fab team! Their whole day was amazing from start to finish, and they had the COOLEST finish too! They decided to do a glitter exit, and this was a first for me! I loved it and loved the sparkle and romance of it all! (more…)

Claire + Kyle | Married {Newport Beach Wedding Photographer}

You know it’s going to be a fantastic wedding day when the bride informs you that during her reception they will be watching the Ole’ Miss vs. Alabama football game! I think my heart hugged her right then and there! What a fabulous bride she was to bring out a HUGE TV for her man and his groomsmen, as to not miss a KILLER football game! But that is just how Claire is, thoughtful and has the biggest and sweetest heart. Her family welcomed me with open arms and even though they got married in Newport Beach, they know the true meaning of southern hospitality! Now Kyle, being from the south, was such a gentleman and after the first look (which was amazing by the way!!) could not take his eyes off of his beautiful bride! And really who could blame him! Her dress was PERFECTION, make up was flawless, even I couldn’t stop gushing over her! Shortly after their first look their incredible bridal party came to celebrate down by the water with them, and then rushed them off to the beautiful St. Matthews church for an incredibly beautiful and spiritual ceremony. It was so cute to see how calm and reverent these two were the whole time, and to watch them profess their love and devotion for one another in front of God and their family and friends. After the ceremony is when the real party started! The groom took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and enjoyed their very own Bloody Mary Bar, incredible company, and a killer football game! As the stars aligned, Ole’ Miss upset Alabama that day and really put the cherry on top of an amazing day for these two Ole’ Miss alums!   (more…)

Chelsey + Kyle | Married {Palm Springs Wedding Photographer}

Chelsey and Kyle like to joke about how they met. They tell an outrageous yet believable story and they make you think it was crazy and true destiny that they met one another.  The funny thing is, it really was their destiny and all about timing. I am so glad that timing was on their side, because truly I can not imagine one without the other, as they make the most perfect team! I have known Chelsey for quite a while, and I can say without a doubt she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. This girl has the biggest heart and Kyle has one to match. Like I said they are perfect for each other. Kyle was an adoring groom who could not take his eyes off his gorgeous bride. Kyle wanted to stay traditional and not see his bride before walking down the aisle, and while I would have LOVED to do a first look with these two, I was so happy I got to stand close enough to hear him gasp for air as she walked into eye sight for the first time. Leading up until his bride walked down the aisle he was on the verge of happy tears just so excited to see his bride, I thought for sure he would cry….but she took all the breath out of his lungs, all he could do was stand there in awe of her and smile! It was quite adorable! And as you scroll, you will see the excitement this beautiful bride had as well to marry her groom! Chelsey was absolutely glowing, and I have never seen her smile that big! I am not going to lie, I teared up during their vows, and laughed during their “promises” to one another. They truly knew how to make the day about them, their love and starting this new journey together. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion on a few occasions knowing that I was in the presence of true and unconditional love, AND that they chose me to tell their story through imagery. I won the photographic lottery with these two! They gave me such an amazing opportunity to share and celebrate this special day, but also to use my vision in such a KILLER venue, The Parker. I was so grateful that they trusted me every step of the day! They were such a dream to work with and had a stellar line up of vendors who really made that day amazing! Chelsey and Kyle I love you both with my whole heart. I feel so lucky to know you both and to call you friends and I cannot wait to celebrate all of the anniversaries of the best day ever for years to come!! XO (more…)

Lindsey + Nick | Married

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! I am beyond excited to share this INCREDIBLE wedding on my blog today for so many reasons really….I was lucky enough to meet Lindsey, the beautiful bride, as a bridesmaid at another wedding I shot last summer. She has the greatest group of friends and all of us just clicked while taking Portland by storm….fast forward to this summer and I screamed SO loud when she emailed me to shoot HER wedding!! That meant one of two things…I was going to see all of these fabulous friends again AND that meant she had met someone who captured her whole heart, and really that’s never a bad thing! Then I met Nick….and he reminds me of home. Growing up in Huntington Beach, we instantly had common ground, and for a groom who was not the most excited about pictures quite like his bride….Nick did a killer job at each session and made me proud! The two of them together though are a SERIOUS knock out! Looking at the two of them in love reminds me why I am so lucky to have the job that I do! Two beautiful people inside and out, madly in love and I get to share one of the happiest days they will experience as husband and wife, with them and their closest friends and family….LUCKY!!! There was no shortage of hugs, tears, smiles and laughter on their amazing day and my heart was so full to see them walk out of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple married to one another for an eternity!  (more…)

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