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Lindsey + Nick | Married

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! I am beyond excited to share this INCREDIBLE wedding on my blog today for so many reasons really….I was lucky enough to meet Lindsey, the beautiful bride, as a bridesmaid at another wedding I shot last summer. She has the greatest group of friends and all of us just clicked while taking Portland by storm….fast forward to this summer and I screamed SO loud when she emailed me to shoot HER wedding!! That meant one of two things…I was going to see all of these fabulous friends again AND that meant she had met someone who captured her whole heart, and really that’s never a bad thing! Then I met Nick….and he reminds me of home. Growing up in Huntington Beach, we instantly had common ground, and for a groom who was not the most excited about pictures quite like his bride….Nick did a killer job at each session and made me proud! The two of them together though are a SERIOUS knock out! Looking at the two of them in love reminds me why I am so lucky to have the job that I do! Two beautiful people inside and out, madly in love and I get to share one of the happiest days they will experience as husband and wife, with them and their closest friends and family….LUCKY!!! There was no shortage of hugs, tears, smiles and laughter on their amazing day and my heart was so full to see them walk out of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple married to one another for an eternity!  (more…)

Christen + Franco | Married {Boston Wedding Photographer}

When Franco called me up and asked me to shoot their wedding the following fall in Boston, I was beyond excited. I first met Franco and Christen at a wedding I was shooting in Boston in 2013, and they were SO cute and never left the dance floor! Christen caught the bouquet and Franco told me as I was leaving they would be in touch….so imagine my surprise when he really did actually call! When they told me where they were getting married I immediately googled that venue (love me some google!!) and instantly fell in love! The venue is set on private property that dates back to 1637. It looks over the Atlantic and is simply breathtaking! So fast forward to this weekend and the big day had finally arrived! I was so excited for these two to tie the knot and LOVE that they decided to do a first look as well and take full advantage of the gorgeous grounds! Christen was calm and poised and Franco was SO excited to see his beautiful bride! The first two full minutes after seeing one another, Franco kept saying, “you are so beautiful…this dress…I SO approve!!” I couldn’t help but smile for these two! THEN, when he met his beautiful bride at the end of the aisle to become husband and wife…my heart officially melted! Really though, the whole day was full of love and those around them were SO incredibly happy for these two and their beautiful union. And true to form…I knew these two would not disappoint on the dance floor…and I was right!! They never left and I LOVE that so much about them….they love to have a good time with one another! I LOVED being there celebrating with them and I am so grateful that I was able to play a small role in their love story and LOVE shooting in Boston…especially the Crane Estate!! (more…)

Debbie + Joe | Married {Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer}

It all started on a baseball field. They met. They became friends. But at some point that friendship turned into a deep love, respect and appreciation for one another. If you know Debbie and Joe you know at least two things: 1. They are PERFECT for one another and 2. This day was so long in the making…there was not a dry eye on the beach as these two approached to finally be joined as husband and wife. I absolutely ADORE these two and I honestly melted anytime Joe raved about his beautiful and amazing bride. This man is so in love with this incredible woman and I am truly just so happy to see them so in love and so devoted to one another. Their day was a true PARTY and celebration of their vows and union.  (more…)

It’s All in the Details | Weddings {Wedding Photographer}

As I sit here and write this post, I am writing as a past (clueless) bride and as a photographer that wants to educate her own brides. As a past bride, there were certain things I didn’t even realize about planning a wedding day, and especially about planning a wedding day timeline.  For the most part as a bride I took orders from my wedding planner and my photographer about how much time I would need for each part of my day, and thank heavens I yielded to the professionals! I honestly didn’t have the eye for details back then that I do now (sad face). I really wish I would have had a cute little hanger from easy with my new last name to hang my dress up on, or had all my significant details (new, old, borrowed, blue) all together for my photographer to capture. Lucky for me, I hired a true professional and she captured them despite my lack of organization or attention to detail. Well, fast forward to now, I get to be one of the professionals….HOLLER!!!



Brooke + Jonathan | Married {LA County Wedding Photographer}

They met in Vegas, which generally speaking isn’t the usual place to meet your next BF/GF, but sometimes the world works in the most unusual of ways! Fast forward to now, these two gathered their closest friends and family to profess their love and celebrate their union as husband and wife. The beautiful golf course gave the perfect backdrop that brought class, with a touch of tropical! The bridesmaids were beautiful, the groomsmen were hilarious and rowdy BUT the bride and groom stole the show! Brooke truly wore THE most perfect dress and topped it off with  incredible blue shoes! Jonathan kept it classy but casual with his shades and nikes, and really I LOVED the whole thing! They opted for a first look (which as you know by now I LOVE!!) and I just LOVE how Jonathan smiled at his beautiful bride, but then of course caught a glimpse of that backside :) (I may or may not have totally laughed out loud at that point in the day!) Then to top the night off, the bride and groom, along with their whole entire bridal party made their grand entrance and went straight into a dance battle! That was definitely a first for me…but man did that get everyone excited to party!! I even had to refrain but making my way on to the dance floor it was THAT good!! The whole day was amazing and I felt so loved and appreciated the whole day and seriously I still get butterflies just thinking about the fact that I have brides and grooms that trust me to document their most special of days! Such a humbling experience. To Brooke and Jonathan, I love you both, I consider us the best of friends now, and I can’t wait to see the beautiful babies that you make together…but no rush!! :)


I also need to thank my incredible second shooter, Jaime , as she was my right hand chick! We made the best team and I felt so lucky to have her with me all day. It truly is the coolest thing to have great friends in such a competitive market who have your back and are their to make your clients experience that much better. Jaime, you are the!


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